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The folks over at Exec Cleaning contacted me recently and asked if I'd be willing to check out their new cleaning service.  My apartment, always in some state between "sorta dirty" and "filthy", needed a cleaning, so I readily agreed to give it a whirl. 
The signup process was simple, the website was clean and easy to navigate, and I enjoyed the convenience of being able to schedule the cleaning using their online calendar.  My cleaning was schedule for this past Sunday morning at 9am.  Here's a play by play
At 8:15am, I received a text message saying that the cleaners were on the way.
At 8:50am, I received a call from an Exec employee saying that one of the two cleaners was going to be a little late.  And that they may have to stay longer than originally scheduled.  I said that was fine. 
At 9:00am. one of the cleaners arrived.  She was professional and apologized that the other person was going to be late.  I didn't mind too much, it just meant more work for the first person.
At 10:30am, the second cleaner arrived.  She apologized profusely for being late and got to work.  Again, it didn't really bother me that much; it wasn't me doing the cleaning
At noon, they both told me that they needed to leave for their next job, but had not yet finished cleaning my apartment.  There were still two bathrooms that had not been cleaned yet.  They assured me, though, that they would come back afterwards to finish. 
I appreciated their commitment, but was a little bit annoyed because I had plans in the afternoon that I had to cancel so that I could be back in the afternoon to let them in again. 
At 4pm, they returned and finished the job. 
Overall, they were professional and courteous and did a good job cleaning the apartment.  Obviously, the timing thing was a bit of a pain - but I'm sure it was an isolated incident.  In comparing them to my usual cleaners, I think they did just as good of a job cleaning.  A few things weren't done, like the windows, but those are mostly details that I don't really care that much about.  In terms of cost, my usual cleaners charge $150 and Exec was $177.  Disclaimer:  they comped this cleaning for me as part of the review.  I think Exec has a great service.  I particularly like that they've brought cleaning into the 21st century with an easy and convenient online scheduling system. 
Click (here) to check out Exec and see if they're right for you. 

PS.  They gave me a coupon code for $40 off for you guys, coupon code: beantown

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