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The Boston Student Arts Network (BSAN) today announced the film finalists for its upcoming Boston Student Film Festival (BSFF). Honors will include “Best of the Fest—Audience Pick,” “Best of the Fest—Jurors Pick,” and four individual juror favorites prizes. The winner of the “Audience Pick” award will have the opportunity to have his or her film showcased at the upcoming New England Film Festival. Runners up will receive trophies and filmmaker gift bags.

“There are an abundance of talented student film producers in New England,” said Kelly Soule, founder and director of BSAN. “This year’s finalists represented a variety of film genres and plotlines. Determining the winners will be a difficult decision for both the audience and the jury.”

The finalists are:
  • Geoffrey King of UMass Amherst for “A Descending Man,” an experimental film about love
  • Andrew Wood of Northeastern University for “Sketch,” a narrative about a comic book drawing come to life
  • Ethan Stein of Brandeis University for “Word Smith,” a narrative about a man who wants to create a legacy
  • Jack Garrett of Boston University for “Santa Always Checks Twice,” a narrative about a man who confronts Santa Claus for having an affair with his wife
  • Andrew Mui of Mass Art for “Grandma,” a documentary about Mui’s grandmother
  • Jeffrey Lin of MIT for “Raising Emma,” a documentary about a Chinese American woman adjusting to life in the United States
  • Mandy Garelick and Cara Fano of Boston University for “Bits and Pieces,” a narrative about a woman who finds her life in shambles
  • Jake Bann of Boston University for “Good Taste,” a narrative about a first date;
  • Helen Shi of Harvard University for “Jar’d,” a light-hearted and insightful animated film about the human spirit
  • Qinshu Zuo of Emerson College for “Touch,” a narrative about a young woman who helps a blind man to “see” once again
  • Peter Ferris Rosati of Emerson College for “Le Blue Stella,” a narrative about the adventures of two boys on a handmade spaceship
  • Jeremy Weiss of Emerson College for “Riff Raf,” a narrative about a jazz musician whose mistake coincidentally lands him a gig with an orchestra

The twelve films will be screened online at beginning Monday, March 18 through Sunday, March 31. During this time, interested audience members can watch the films and vote for their favorite film to continue on to the New England Film Festival.

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