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Saul Conrad - Poison Packets

12/02/2012 03:37:00 PM
I got an email the other day about a new local artist named Saul Conrad, who's album just came out a few weeks ago.  I'm listening to a few of his songs right now, very mellow - nice. 

I'm not a huge folk music listener, but there's a time and a place for every type of music I would say ... except maybe dubstep (just kidding ... kind of)

Here's what the Globe had to say.

Review by James Reed, POP Music Critic, THE BOSTON GLOBE:

"Saul Conrad’s POISON PACKETS is the debut release from Mountain of Leopards Records, a new independent label based in Jamaica Plain, and it sends a clear message: These guys are not interested in the straight and narrow.

"Conrad, a singer-songwriter raised in Brookline who lives now in Jamaica Plain, writes and sings at the intersection of Jonathan Richman and Daniel Johnston. The songs on POISON PACKETS are ostensibly folk, but they exist on the far fringes of the genre.

"Quirk has a strong place on this record, from the moony “Mexico” (which will remind a select few of Ed’s Redeeming Qualities, an off-kilter indie-folk band that emerged in Boston’s music scene in the late-1980s) to the good-natured twang of “Whiskey Eggs.”

Click (here) to listen to some of Saul's songs.

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