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12/16/2012 07:41:00 PM
The folks over at shot me an email asking me to take a look at their website and let my readers know what I think of it.  Personally, I'm at this stage where the weddings have started to slow down and people are having babies left and right.  In case you were wondering, I'm turning about to turn 31 in two weeks.  But a handful of years ago when weddings seemed to be a monthly occurrence, I did end up being a groomsman a handful of times.  In the last 3 weddings that I was a groomsman, I received a wallet, a scotch decanter, and a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue.

Upon first glance of, they seem to have stuff along the same lines.  Whiskey barrels, flasks, barware.  Alcohol seems to be a recurring motif at weddings.  Ever go to a wedding without an open bar?  I have.  It was awful.

See the picture above?  That's their Bota Wine Bag (22 bucks).  I'm not going to be a groomsman in a wedding any time soon, but I'm pretty sure I'm ordering one of those for myself, filling it with whiskey, and sneaking it into the theater with me while I watch The Hobbit.....

Perusing Groomstop may not be a bad idea for those of you who are getting married soon and have no idea what to get your groomsmen.  They've got some fairly unique groomsmen gifts

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