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My family doesn't really do presents anymore.  Although, my sister did get me a North Face fleece last year that was pretty badass.  Add that to the fact that I don't like my friends enough to actually buy them things, and that means my holiday season is not nearly as hectic as yours probably is. 

Enter my friend Lisa at Lisa's Hands of Time, here with a reminder that she can make your life less painful. 

In the Month of December, Lisa’s Hands of Time Gave Me…

12 Wrappers Wrapping
11 Stamps-a-Stamping
10 Spots of Parking
9 Presents Shipping
8 Decorating
7 Toys Assembling
6 Cards-a-Mailing
5  D a y s  of  C a l m
4 Gifts of Time
3 Cooked Meals
2 Peaceful Days
….And Time to Get It All Done!!

Give the Gift of Time this holiday season!
Don't be a Grinch!  Make it a Cinch!

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1 Response to "Lisa's Hands of Time for the Holiday Season"

  1. NeilC Said,

    Lisa is truly a great person to have! I love the fact that she is so reliable, trustworthy organized and friendly that she does a 5-Star job, IMO. A great service to have when time is tight for you and your busy life.

    Posted on 12/4/12, 10:51 AM


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