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Major League Bocce - Join NOW!

10/07/2012 06:12:00 PM
Sorry, only 1 day's notice to get the cheapest discount.  I've been super busy.  I head out of town for the next 3 weeks for work.  Miami => Hong Kong => Singapore => Detroit => Toronto.  My October is basically shot.  See below for those of you that have a lil more free time than I do. 

Bocce Ball – Not Just for your Grandpa Any More

Check out a new arrival on the social sports scene in town – Major League Bocce.  Apparently, you don’t have to be retired to enjoy this refined Italian game.  You may not need to be refined either.  Major League Bocce is playing Tuesdays this fall at An Tua Nua near Kenmore Square.  Games are literally played at the bar on custom-design, 20’x5’ courts with lighter weight equipment then the traditional outdoor game.  Bocce serves as a means to an end - making new friends, playing for charity and keeping yourself social as we go into the dark days of day-light savings time.  Sponsored by Sam Adams and fueled by an arsenal of ball jokes, Major League Bocce looks like it’s the best preventative treatment for seasonal affective disorder that you’ll find in town this fall.  Register before October 8th for $30 or before October 12th for $45 when you use discount code beantown15. (Discount code is case-sensitive and should be entered in Step 2 of registration). 

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