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Most folks only know Somerville's Davis Square high end culinary scene - or perhaps have gone out on a limb, taking an excursion into Union Square.  Here's your chance to get familiar with the delicious and affordable eats in East Somerville.  Located just a block from the Sullivan Square Orange Line t stop, East Broadway has mostly family owned restaurants, with fare so authentic you often might not understand all that's on the menu.  The restaurants represent El Salvador, Brazil, Haiti, Ethiopia and more.   

On Tuesday, September 25th, The East Broadway Foodie Crawl opens up one of Somerville's nearly underground culinary districts: East Broadway Business District. The event was originally slated for 9/18, but a forecast of thunder storms and rain has given a second chance to those with a curious palate.  The East Broadway Foodie Crawl is a rare opportunity to have the doors flung open on more than 12 restaurants and taste the flavors that locals flock to.  

The event is 6-9:30pm. Tastings run from 6-8pm, and dessert parties start up at 8:00pm in three area bars, kicking off after parties with local music.

Click (here) for more info. 

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