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Sponsored Post: Fry Fabrications

8/10/2012 11:23:00 PM
Once upon a time, I was part of a fraternity and I lived in the frat house.  We had house meetings every week and we voted on everything as a collective.  One of the things that we voted on was purchasing new stuff for the house (furniture, televisions, etc).  And every single time it would go a little like this:

Person 1:  "Motion to buy an even more ridiculously humongous tv for the common room."  It's 1000 bucks.  Divided by 30 of us, that's basically zero dollars per person.
Person 2:  "I second the motion"
Secretary:  "All in favor, say I........."

And that's how we bought everything.  Divided by 30, everything rounded down to zero dollars per person.  We were idiots.  But it was pretty effective.  We pretty much bought everything that was ever suggested.  

That being said, I know that our house is currently in need of a new bar, therefore if I was still there, I'd motion that we procur one from the folks over at Fry Fab.   They've got a nice one for about 1200 bucks (which divided by 30 is about 40 bucks a person).  See how I've matured?  I don't say it's "basically zero" anymore.  Here's a little bit more about Fry Fabrications 

Fry Fabrications is a metal fabrication firm that designs and produces merchandising and beverage displays for retail, restaurants, nightclubs and bars, as well as custom, branded products for on-premise marketing. With in-house expertise in marketing, trade show planning, retail fixtures, portable beverage services (including wet bars and bottle service organizers), a solid merchandising plan can be created around each client's logo, style and marketing strategy.

I hafta say, I kinda have my eye on their drink carriers.  I think one of them might go quite nicely on my coffee table.  It'd be fun for when I have folks over for drinks.

Click (here) to check out their website.


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