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Define "jealousy."

See below for a couple of email exchanges I had recently with Bloggery Reader Kristen:

Message #1

Beantown Bloggery,

So I had to message you because I actually won the Dirty Water TV/Captain Morgan Black sweepstakes you posted on your blog! They're giving me a free trip to St. Croix!! Isn't that crazy? I was so surprised! Last night I met up with the people from Dirty Water TV and they had me do a short interview. Anyway, I had to let you know and thank you for posting the contest on your blog.

Message #2


I just got back from St. Croix and it was amazing! The island was beautiful. We rented a jeep and did some off-roading in the rainforest and took a snorkeling trip to a nearby coral reef. We also took a tour of the Captain Morgan distillery and had some great drinks there. Attached are a few photos of the trip. Thanks so much again for posting this contest on your blog!

See!  So it pays to read the Beantown Bloggery.  For those of you who weren't reading back in May, here's the original contest post (here).  And if you're still not subscribing, you really should be.  So you can win things and make me jealous of you as well.    

Dear Captain Morgan & Dirty Water, where's MY trip to St. Croix??  Just kidding .... sort of .... not really ...

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