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Sponsored Post: Indital USA

7/29/2012 10:34:00 PM
The folks over at Indital USA asked me to take a look at their site and their products and let you guys know what I thought of them.  I had two immediate reactions when I pulled up their website.

1.  So that's how you spell "baluster."  I never knew.
2.  This really would have come in handy in college.

Number 1 is self explanatory.  Number 2 takes a little explaining.  So I think I've mentioned to you guys before that I went to MIT.  What I may have failed to mention is that I lived in one of those fraternity houses in Back Bay.  It was a 5 story brownstone and it was awesome, except for the fact that 25 often drunk guys lived in it.  One of the consequences of said drunk guys was that we would end up breaking the baluster's along the central stairwell on pretty much a weekly basis.  And so on a weekly basis, someone would have to go to Home Depot, purchase new wooden balusters and fix our railing.

Enter Indital.  If we had one of their stainless steel railing systems, then I'm pretty sure this would have been a moot point.  You have no idea how many balusters I had to repair while in college.  I'm pretty sure this is still going on.

Here's a little more about Indital:

As an Italian wrought iron products manufacturer, Indital USA proudly offers an interactive site for research and planning with simple sourcing in the United States from any of its qualified distribution partners using our friendly eCommerce shopping experience. Indital USA is a Houston, TX based division of Industria Italiana Arteferro S.p.A. from Malo, Italy


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