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7/10/2012 07:40:00 PM
The folks over at asked me to take a look at their website and write a brief review.  First thing I did was take a look at their mission statement:

Whisked Foodie Helps You Find Easy Recipes, Food and Wine Pairings, and Much More. Through information and inspiration, we’re here to cut through the fat of gourmet culinary jargon and deliver the skinny on how to make real food taste real good—right in your own kitchen. With a small team of culinary and drink professionals, our goal is to bring out the gourmand inside the home cook. It doesn’t take a fancy degree, a high-tech kitchen, or an unlimited budget to bring the flavor and flare of good food to your table.

Sounds like it could be helpful to lots of folks.  I don't actually cook anymore (it's sad/unhealthy but I eat out pretty much every day).  But I do kind of miss cooking and have been thinking about maybe doing a once a week (on the weekend) cooking day.  We'll see how that goes. 

In anticipation of that, I did peruse their list of recipes.  I think the site is relatively new, so they don't have a ton of recipes yet -- but I'm sure they'll get there soon.  I think I may try out their Cilantro Lime Baba Ghanoush.  That sounds like it'd go well with wine.

I have a much greater interest in their "Mixology" tab.  Again, because they're new, it'll take a little while to grow their index of recipes.  But they're off to a strong start with the Negroni and the Moscow Mule.  Might I suggest a Pimm's Cup or an Aviation?  Or my personal go-to:  the Sazerac.

Keep up the good work guys!  I can see WhiskedFoodie becoming a very useful resource.

Click (here) to check out Whisked Foodie.

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1 Response to "Review:"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    Tried to subscribe but it looks like a scam for Progressive emails.

    Posted on 7/11/12, 9:52 AM


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