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Just got this in my inbox.   Not too many details just yet, but here's what I got for those that are interested. 


18 JULY 2012: A major cable network and an Emmy award winning production company are bringing home the bacon with a new docu-series featuring a single male parent—or parent figure—bringing up a brood of boys. Each episode will explore the delicate balancing act of a single father (or full-time, father-figure uncle or friend) juggling domestic duties with his own personal life.

Across the country, the number of male figureheads in a family has grown considerably, and the number of single 'dads' is at an all time high. This fun, all-American series will take a look into this emerging family trend, and document what happens when Dad has to drive junior to the dance one minute—and impress his own date the next.

For many single dads, it's a man's world. Single dads are raising boys and having to wear the many different hats of mom, disciplinarian, and breadwinner -- while still living the lifestyle of a healthy single All-American male.

Metal Flowers Media is currently accepting applications from Bostonians and beyond. We are looking for single men who have taken on a father-figure role, have BIG, FUN personalities, and have a story to tell. Applicants must be US citizens with a dynamic personality and an interesting story to tell about being a "father". To apply, contact or email

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