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Delta Rae @ Brighton Music Hall - 7/15

6/28/2012 09:00:00 PM 0 Responses
Delta Rae is coming to Brighton Music Hall on 7/15. Checkout their video for "Bottom of the River"

Click (here) to get tickets.

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Trailer: The Love Guide

6/25/2012 10:22:00 PM 0 Responses
The Love Guide was written by and stars Boston’s very own Christy Cashman.  Check out the trailer below:

Click (here) for the youtube site.


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In Europe for 2 Weeks

6/25/2012 09:30:00 PM 0 Responses
This is my first vacation in like 4 years.  It's also my first time to Europe; I'm pretty psyched.

I'm heading to Stockholm => St. Petersburg => Moscow => London => Paris. 

I've scheduled a few posts for this week that I wrote up earlier.  But after those run out, you'll just hafta wait until I get back.

I will be in London for July 4th, so here are some preemptive fireworks to celebrate while I'm gone.

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1000 Words: The Boston Food Truck Festival

6/24/2012 09:00:00 PM 0 Responses

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Boston Bacon Takedown 2 - 6/24

6/22/2012 01:11:00 AM 0 Responses
MMMMmmMMMM....... Bacon......

June 24, 2012 
2:00 PM
Arts at the Armory
191 Highland Avenue
Suite 1-A
Somerville, MA 11206

Click (here) to get tickets.


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Review: Ghosts of Jupiter - 6/22

6/22/2012 01:11:00 AM 3 Responses
Bloggery media rep recently checked out the new Ghosts of Jupiter show at the MOS premiering 6/22.

I had the chance to swing by the Museum of Science to catch a preview of "Ghosts of Jupiter: Music Experience" at the Charles Hayden Planetarium.  The Boston-based rock band, Ghosts of Jupiter, provides the perfect musical pairing to the eye popping visualizations and effects.  The display also makes full use of the latest technological upgrades, including brand new sound and image projection systems, to make the experience breath taking.  If you're a fan of rock and roll, and like watching pretty effects set to sound, you'll love this show on June 22.  Tickets are only $10 for adults with other ticket options also available.

Checkout the trailer below:

Click (here) for more info.

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Free: Concert Streaming from the BSO

6/20/2012 10:18:00 PM 0 Responses
Just a quick heads up, the BSO has launched a new program where they're streaming some of their concerts free online.  They're starting with the last 3 concerts of the past season.  I also got an email that Tanglewood is celebrating their 75 anniversary by posting one concert each day for 75 days starting on 6/20.

In partnership with 99.5 Classical New England, a service of WGBH, the 128 kbps streams will be provided by WGBH's live concert broadcasts and made available through the BSO Media Center the Monday or Tuesday after the program's premiere at Symphony Hall (details about Tanglewood concert streaming will be announced at a later date). These concert streams will be available on for up to a year after the original performance, surpassing the usual industry standard of just a few weeks.

Click (here) to swing by the BSO website to get more info.

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Sandra Bullock Filming in Boston this Summer

6/20/2012 10:18:00 PM 1 Response
I don't have any details, but I just heard that they've started casting calls for:

"Untitled Buddy Cop Comedy" starring Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy The film is shooting in Boston this Summer

I love Sandra Bullock.  Hope she's filming in Boston proper and not the burbs, otherwise I won't get to see her.  I'll keep you guys posted if I hear anything more.

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Wine Gifts from

6/20/2012 10:12:00 PM 0 Responses
I've reached the age (I'm 30) where everyone around me seems to be graduating from something, getting married, or having kids.  Meanwhile, I'm sort of stuck in limbo - it's ok, though, I'm enjoying limbo.  But the problem that arises is that I find myself online constantly ordering shower gifts, graduation gifts, etc.  I'm not sure who loves me more at this point, American Express or Crate and Barrel. 

So I'm trying to mix things up a little bit now.  For my last baby shower shower gift, I bought my friend Phil the "Go the F*ck to Sleep" (sort of) kids book.  Google it, it's hilarious.  Oh and if you happen to get the audio book, it's narrated by Samuel L. Jackson. 

Friends getting married are of course registered somewhere, so I end up choosing from wherever they are registered. 

This leaves me my graduating from med/law/grad school friends, where I have a little more leeway, so I've been sending them booze.  Everyone loves alcohol.  And that's pretty much how everyone celebrates nowadays, right?  For those that are in town, I'll of course show up in person and buy a rew rounds of shots.  But if they're out of town, I find that does a good job of providing a selection of gifts with a wide price range - you know so I can choose depending how much I really like the person.  I also use them for myself because often times I'll read about a wine in Wine Spectator and then end up not being able to find it in any of the nearby wine stores.  It's way less frustrating to just go online and order it. 

Click (Wine Gifts) to check out some of their gift baskets.

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OpSail Boston - Starts 6/30

6/20/2012 09:00:00 PM 0 Responses
Click (here) to visit the OpSail website.

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2012 Summer Cruise Series - Starts 6/21

6/19/2012 11:01:00 PM 0 Responses
The SNL skit "I'm on a Boat" is playing in my head right now as I write this post.

Click (here) to check the schedule and get tickets.

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Boston Food Swap 1 Year Swapiversary - 6/21

6/19/2012 11:01:00 PM 0 Responses

Click (here) to get tickets.

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Polaroid Stories by Naomi Iizuka - starts 6/29

6/19/2012 09:00:00 PM 1 Response

Click (here) for details.

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Road Trip: 2 Free Sliders at White Castle

6/19/2012 06:12:00 AM 0 Responses

This post brought to you by White Castle. All opinions are 100% mine.

White Castle Logo.pngSo I've never had White Castle before.  But ever since watching Harold and Kumar all those years ago, I've always wanted to try it.  Sadly, there are none close by.  However, tt really doesn't take much to convince me to do ridiuculous things when the weather is nice out, so here's my plan. 

I'm heading down to the Hamptons for a weekend next month.  According to the restaurant locator, there is a White Castle in Manhattan.  So, I'm thinking there are going to be some pre-Hamptons sliders.  I just joined White Castle's Craver Nation program so the first 2 will be free (screenshot below).  And if they're delicious, methinks there will be some post-hamptons sliders as well.

White Castle is also running a couple of other promotional challenges right now that you should check out (you could win some concert tickets or a macbook air).

1.  Write and sing The Craver Nation National Anthem.

2.  White Castle® Road Trip! - Edit one of your road trip photos to include a White Castle Slider and then upload it to your account.

Click  to Join Craver Nation!


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Stuff: Afterwork Summer Soiree - 6/21

6/18/2012 09:00:00 PM 0 Responses
Passing this one along from an email I received from the folks at Stuff. Click on the image to RSVP to them (I'm not affiliated with this event).

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1000 Words: Congrats, Jon Parsons!

6/18/2012 09:00:00 PM 0 Responses
Congrats to John Parsons of Sam’s for winning the Marie Brizard USA Cocktail Challenge Boston Semifinal, with his cocktail, the “Violet Hold!” John received a complimentary trip to the 10th Annual Tales of the Cocktail this July in New Orleans where he will be competing against top mixologists and bartenders from across the country.

Here's the recipe.  I actually haven't been to Louis Boston since it moved (I'm not a shopper).  But I am a cocktail drinker.  So, I guess now I have no excuse.  Behold!  The Violet Hold. 

"Violet Hold" (John Parsons) 

1oz Marie Brizard Parfait Amour
1oz Lunazul Blanco
0.5oz Lemon juice
0.5oz Illegal Mezcal Float

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Charity: Life is Good Summertime Bash - 6/20

6/17/2012 09:00:00 PM 0 Responses

Click (here) to get tickets.

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2 Nights North Star Lodge & Resort

6/17/2012 09:00:00 PM 0 Responses

Manado State University Choir - 6/30

6/16/2012 10:00:00 PM 0 Responses

Boston Choral Ensemble Hosts Indonesia’s Acclaimed Manado State University Choir for a Special Joint Performance on June 30th

The Boston Choral Ensemble, one of New England’s premier choral groups, is pleased to welcome the Manado State University Choir of North Sulawesi, Indonesia for a special addition to its 11th season—presented for one performance only on June 30th—featuring music from around the globe, and including works by Moses Hogan, Orlando Gibbons, Andre van der Merwe, Eric Whitacre, and more.  Both the Manado Choir and the Ensemble will perform pieces on their own as well as together under director Andrew Shenton, Manado State conductor Professor André de Quadros, and guest conductor Miguel Felipe.

Boston Choral Ensemble & Manado State University Choir LIVE in Concert

Boston Choral Ensemble                                     Manado State University Choir

Andrew Shenton, director                                         André de Quadros, director

Saturday, June 30, 2012 at 7:00 pm

Boston University College of Fine Arts Concert Hall, 855 Commonwealth Ave, Boston

Admission to this special event is pay-as-you-can at the door (suggested donation: $15).
No advance reservation required.

About Manado State University Choir
The Manado State University Choir, a mixed-voice chamber choir of approximately 24 singers, has been acclaimed for its remarkable artistry, capacity to move an audience, and beautiful sound. The choir’s versatility is astonishing, performing a wide range of repertoire, from early music to contemporary pieces of the Western canon, from traditional Indonesian music with choreography to popular music, and Southeast Asian choral music. Under the direction of Professor André de Quadros the choir has continued to advance its pursuit of excellence locally in Indonesia and abroad. Previous international tours, in Austria, China, France, Sweden and more, have resulted in several prizes and awards.

Click (here) to visit the Boston Choral Ensemble site. 

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Kia Rio Scavenger Hunt

6/16/2012 06:04:00 PM 2 Responses
This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Kia Rio. All opinions are 100% mine.
The folks over at Kia asked me to share a short L.A. scavenger hunt video with you guys.  I'm kind of fond of those hamster commercials that they have, so I couldn't say no.  It also kind of makes me miss having my car.  For those of you that forgot, I sold my car last year because I just wasn't using it enough and it was getting pricey paying for parking and insurance for something I was rarely using.  Check out the video below:

Kind of makes me want to visit LA, especially because of all the rain we've been having.  And a Scavenger Hunt is a nice way to see a lot of the city in a short amount of time.  The last scavenger hunt I went on was at Rutgers New Brunswick - it was wayyyyy less glamorous. 
If you're curious, here are the five spots that they hit:
• The Griffith Park Merry-Go-Round
• Amoeba Records
• Rodeo Drive
• Pink’s Hot Dogs
• The Roosevelt Hotel
I had yogurt, granola, and a banana for dinner tonight.  Now I really want a chili dog.  That thing looked delicious.  Adding Pink's to the list of places to visit when I go to L.A. and crash with my buddy Yamashita.
I wonder how long the teams ended up spending at Amoeba Records searching for that proverbial needle in the haystack.  That was probably the toughest of the 5 challenges.  
And now a few of my thoughts on the car.  I've never actually driven a Kia, but I do like that they packed a bunch of features into the car (Bluetooth, USB, Navigation, Rear Camera Display).  My old Yukon had navigation, but that was about it .... that and GM wanted 200 bucks a year for updated map discs.  And it seems like the future is all about voice commands.  Apple's got Siri and Kia's got UVO.  Oh and lastly, if I were to drive a Kia Rio, I'd probably have an easier time parking in the city than I did with my Yukon. 
Any readers out there test driven or own a Rio?  Any thoughts to add?
Click (Rio Explorer Page) to get more info on the Rio Explorer
Click (UVO Technology) to get more info on UVO

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Summer in the City Entertainment Series

6/14/2012 11:58:00 PM 0 Responses
Swing into summer with Boston Harbor Hotel’s Summer in the City Entertainment Series throughout the week of July 4th. Gather at the Rowes Wharf Sea Grille’s harbor side terrace to enjoy complimentary live music and relish in the spectacular harbor views while sipping a signature cocktail or indulging in fresh New England seafood creatively prepared by Chef Daniel Bruce. To complement the festive harbor atmosphere, bands will perform on a barge, creating a picturesque scene for all to see.

The lineup is as follows (weather permitting):

Saturday, June 30: Calypso Hurricane 12:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Sunday, July 1: GQ and The Lady 12:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Monday, July 2: The BaHa Brothers (Beach Party Monday) 6:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.

Tuesday, July 3: Soul City (Summer Soul Tuesday) 6:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.

Wednesday, July 4: Good Will and Them Apples 12:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.
                                   Legit (Timeless Tunes Wednesday) 6:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.

Click (here) for the entire schedule of events.

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small, beautifully MOVING PARTS - starts 6/21

6/14/2012 12:48:00 AM 0 Responses
small, beautifully MOVING PARTS opens on 6/21/12 at the MFA and is only around for a week. So checkout the trailer below and make plans to see if before it's gone.

Co-director Annie J. Howell will be there in person on Friday 6/22 AT 2pm.

 Ssmall, beautifully MOVING PARTS, written and directed by Annie J. Howell and Lisa Robinson. The film debuted at SXSW last year, and is showing on June 21st at MFA BOSTON and playing through the week. The feature-length narrative film follows pregnant technophile Sarah Sparks (Anna Margaret Hollyman) as her uncertainties about motherhood trigger an impulsive road trip to the source of her anxiety: her mother living far away and off-the-grid.

Click (here) for the schedule.

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National Lobster Day - 6/15

6/14/2012 12:48:00 AM 0 Responses
It's National Lobster Day on Friday.  Go eat some lobster .... or dress your kid as a lobster for fun. 

Here are a few of my personal favorite spots for lobster:

Boston:  Neptune Oyster's Hot Lobster Roll (here)
Cambridge:  Alive & Kicking's Lobster Sandwich (here)
Rockport:  Roy Moore Lobster Co (here)

Ok, yes Rockport is a little far.  But when I think lobster, I think about the time I drove there, ordered a 3lb female lobster and then watched as they fished one out of a tank and steamed (or boiled?) it for me right away.  So delicious....

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A Perfect Detail

6/12/2012 08:12:00 PM 0 Responses

Free: Berklee Music Fest on Georges Island - 6/16

6/12/2012 08:11:00 PM 0 Responses
Berklee College of Music, Boston Harbor Island Alliance, and the Boston Harbor National Park have joined forces for the fourth year to bring free live music to Georges Island one Saturday per month in June, July, and August. Visitors to historic Fort Warren on Georges Island will be captivated by the sounds of up-and-coming Berklee students and alumni performing rock, pop, blues, funk, soul, folk, and more. Each concert features three artists performing back-to-back, so all that's needed to enjoy an entire afternoon of music on the island is a ferry ticket.

Berklee Music Fest on Georges Island is free to the public.

Saturday, June 16
2:00 p.m. - Canary (rock, pop, blues)
3:00 p.m. - Luke Mulholland Band (blues-rock)
4:00 p.m. - Sounds of Venus (ethereal, ambient rock)

Saturday, July 21
3:00 p.m. - The Jauntee (psychedelic, rock, bluegrass)
4:00 p.m. - Zilch (improvisational rock, funk, jazz)
5:00 p.m. - Blue Mountain Bustdown (roots, rock, funk)

Saturday, August 18
3:00 p.m. - Julia Easterlin (loop scientist, one-woman band)
4:00 p.m. - April Bender (singer-songwriter)
5:00 p.m. - Columbus ('70s-influenced funk and soul)

Click (here) for more info.

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A Wild Affair 2012 - 6/23

6/11/2012 09:09:00 PM 0 Responses
Everyone’s Wild for Stone Zoo’s 2012 A Wild Affair!
Eighth Annual Tasting Event to Benefit Zoo’s Education and Conservation Programs

A Wild Affair is a 21+ “tasting” event that will feature stations hosted by local restaurants and caterers as well as live entertainment, a silent auction, and an opportunity to stroll among the animals. Last year’s event attracted more than 600 guests, and this year promises to be even bigger! Proceeds from A Wild Affair support the operation and continued growth of Stone Zoo, including its education programs and conservation initiatives.

Attendees can bid on an array of fabulous auction items, including a deep sea fishing excursion with Gauron Fisheries, a three-night stay at Newstead Belmont Hills Golf Resort & Spa in Bermuda, a weekend getaway to Poland Springs Resort in Maine, a pool party at Jillian’s/Lucky Strike Boston, ski tickets, and beauty packages.

Participating restaurants include The Capital Grille, Legal Sea Foods, On The Border, Bertucci’s, Buffalo Wild Wings, Fuddruckers, and many more.

Saturday, June 23, 2012
5:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.
*Please note that Stone Zoo will close at 1:00 p.m. on Saturday, June 23 in preparation for event.
Stone Zoo 149 Pond Street Stoneham, MA 02180

Click (here) for more info.

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15th Annual Chefs in Shorts - 6/22

6/10/2012 09:29:00 PM 0 Responses
15th Annual Chefs in Shorts: June 22nd
Top area chefs fire up the grills for a night of food and fun

Now in its 15th year, the Chefs in Shorts event brings together a group of the area’s top culinary talent who will fire up the grills and create their favorite dishes during this expansive outdoor, summer-in-the-city barbeque hosted at the Seaport Hotel & World Trade Center. Join some of Boston’s best chefs for an evening of grill-offs, desserts, beer, wine and fun all to benefit Future Chefs, a local non-profit school-to-career program focused in culinary arts.  

This year’s confirmed chefs and venues include the following:

Aura & Tamo at the Seaport Hotel               Robert Tobin
Backyard Farms                                                       Tim Cuniff
Barking Crab                                                            Allesandro Da Silva
Blue, Inc.                                                                   Jason Santos
BOND at the Langham Hotel                                 Mark Sapienza
BOKX 109 American Prime at Hotel Indigo         Jarrod Moiles
Catalyst                                                                     William Kovel
Davio’s Northern Italian Steakhouse                   Rodney Murillo
Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse                 Derek Barragan
Haru                                                                            Alex Aratake
LaVallee’s Bakery Goods                                       Andy LaVallee
LTK Bar and Kitchen                                                 Patrick Keefe
Market at the W Hotel                                            Matthew Barros
Papagayo                                                                 Chris Damian
Poe’s Kitchen at the Rattlesnake                         Brian Poe
Remy’s Sports Bar & Grill                                         Jackie Kelly
Seaport Hotel Boston                                              Richard Rayment
Seaport Hotel Boston                                              Karen Hodsdon
Strega Waterfront                                                    Sal Firicano
Summer Winter                                                         Tyson Podolski
 Click (here) to get tickets. 

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Emerging America Festival - Starts 6/21

6/07/2012 09:30:00 PM 0 Responses
The American Repertory Theater (A.R.T.), Huntington Theatre Company, and the Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston announce additional events and offerings as part of the third Emerging America— an annual festival featuring groundbreaking performance by American artists.

From June 21 through 24, The Emerging America Festival will bring together some of the country’s most promising performers, writers, companies, and directors for a weekend filled with energy, imagination, creativity, and drama.

Emerging America spans Boston and Cambridge with events at all three artistic homes throughout the four-day Festival: A.R.T.’s OBERON, 2 Arrow St. Cambridge MA; the Huntington’s Calderwood Pavilion at the BCA, 527 Tremont Street, Boston; and the ICA at 100 Northern Avenue, Boston.

This year's events will include:


Click (here) for more info and tix.

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$20 for $40 @ 43 Church

6/07/2012 09:30:00 PM 0 Responses

Mister Rogers Remixed - Garden of your Mind

6/07/2012 09:30:00 PM 0 Responses
This has nothing to do with Boston, but I grew up watching Mister Rogers and just saw this on youtube yesterday.  It's kind of amazing. 

Happy Friday!


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Midsummer Night Revels - 6/16

6/06/2012 08:48:00 PM 0 Responses

What: Midsummer Night Revels: A Summer Solstice Soiree
When: Saturday, June 16 at 8pm
Where: Holy Trinity Armenian Church, 145 Brattle Street, Cambridge, MA
Why: A Benefit for Revels - and it will be lots of fun!

Click (here) for more info.

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Mani-Pedi or Facial @ Studio 123

6/06/2012 08:47:00 PM 0 Responses

6th Annual Walqueria - 6/16

6/06/2012 08:45:00 PM 0 Responses
6th Annual Anna’s Walqueria
Anna’s Taqueria Hosts Half-Marathon Walk to Benefit The Home for Little Wanderers

Anna’s Taqueria welcomes civic-minded burrito fans to the 6th Annual Anna’s Walqueria, a 13.1-mile loop to each Anna’s store benefitting The Home for Little Wanderers, complete with free drinks and snacks at each stop. For each store that each walker visits, Anna’s donates $5 to The Home for Little Wanderers, a local organization ensuring the healthy emotional, mental, and social development of children at risk, their families and communities. Call it carbo-loading for a cause.

WHEN: Saturday, June 16, 2012 Start 10:30 AM at Anna’s Beacon St. (1412 Beacon Street, Brookline)
COST: Free
ROUTE/SNACKS: Come for some or come for all!

Stop 1 (Anna’s Beacon St.): Free burrito and a punch card to use at each stop (for each punch, Anna’s donates $5 to The Home for Little Wanderers).

Stop 2-5 (Anna’s MGH, Anna’s MIT, Anna’s Porter Sq., Anna’s Davis Sq.): Anna’s provides beverages, chips/salsa/guac, tacos and small cheese quesadillas for participants; other menu items available for purchase.

Stop 6 (Anna’s Harvard St.): Free burrito and a free burrito card to use any time, at any location.

RESERVATIONS: Sign up on Facebook (here)  or contact if you’re interested in participating.

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1000 Words: Neptune's Hot Lobster Roll

6/05/2012 10:54:00 PM 0 Responses
My picture doesn't do it justice, by the lobster roll (served hot w/ butter) at Neptune Oyster is AMAZING!  I want another one right now. 

Oh and we had a tray of 4 dozen oysters as well, and I would have taken a picture, except we started inhaling them before I even remembered to pull out my camera. 

Click (here) for Neptune's website.

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14th Annual Roxbury International Film Festival

6/05/2012 10:48:00 PM 0 Responses
It's that time of year again, the Roxbury International Film Festival is back for their 14th year. 

The Roxbury International Film Festival (RIFF) is taking place this year from Wednesday, June 13 thru Sunday, June 17. We have some wonderful international and local films that are screening this year including: Le Bonheur D'Elza directed and produced by Mariette Monpierre and set against the backdrop of Paris and Guadeloupe; SCARS which is presented by RIFF and The Boston Dance Alliance is about two well-known Cape Town dancers – Megan Erasmus and Celeste Botha, both mixed race – who trace their ancestry through dance and drama. SCARS kicks off the festival with a screening on Monday, June 4 as part of our annual partnership with The Coolidge Corner Theatre.

We're also really excited to have S. Epatha Merkerson, best known as 'Lt. Anita Van Buren' on "Law & Order" screen her directorial debut "The Contradictions of Fair Hope" (the festival's closing film) on Sunday, June 17 at the Museum of Fine Arts. Also, we have the the world premiere of the documentary "Paul Goodnight: A Prime Time Image Maker" based on Boston artist Paul Goodnight showing on Saturday, June 16.

Click (here) for more info.

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$15 for $30 at Fusion Taste

6/04/2012 09:06:00 PM 0 Responses

Book Signing - David Hill - 6/12

6/04/2012 09:05:00 PM 0 Responses
ImprovBoston continues to present some of the top touring comics of today with their IB Presents series. In June, comedian, writer, musician, and actor Dave Hill is heading to ImprovBoston to read from his new book, Tasteful Nudes, and entertain audiences with his stand-up. Hill will be at ImprovBoston for one-night only, Tuesday, June 12 at 7:30 p.m. Tickets cost $12-$16.

Dave Hill is a comedian, writer, musician and actor. He hosts the show The Dave Hill Explosion at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York and Hollywood and recently starred in the television show The King of Miami on the MOJO HD network. The show is now airing on Film24 in the UK. Dave currently appears as on-air talent for HBO and Cinemax. He has also worked extensively for the comedy website Super Deluxe. In 2007, Variety Magazine named Hill one of their "10 Comics to Watch". He appeared at HBO's U.S. Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen, Colorado that same year.

Tasteful Nudes is Hill’s first collection of essays. From his book jacket, “As you can probably imagine, it pretty much has everything. In fact, if you like stories about stolen meat, animal attacks, young love, death, naked people, clergymen, rock 'n' roll, irritable Canadians, and prison, you have just hit a street called Easy because my book talks about all that stuff and a bunch of other stuff, too.”

Click (Here ) to get a copy of Tasteful Nudes.

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