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If you like drinking (I sure do), then you'll love "Bye, Bye, Liver," a play now showing at the Oberon that dives in to the hilarity surrounding the bar culture in Boston. Whether it's taking a "Sliding Doors" style look at the different timelines when the wrong person gets her hands on different types of alcohol, or shining a lens on the one-night stand, "Bye, Bye, Liver" is part comedy, part drinking game and all fun. Showing every Friday at 8pm through September!

Bye Bye Liver is a fun, fast-paced comedic romp that takes a satirical look at the pratfalls and pitfalls of the drinking culture. Whether it's the girl we all know that should never, ever drink liquor or a terrifying (yet enlightening) look into the Ladies Room at the club, every drinking danger is captured in hilarious detail. And it's all interspersed with interactive social games with the audience, such as Never Have I Ever and Would You Rather!
You'll not find a better time with your clothes on. Or off.
But, you know...wear your clothes.

Click (here) to get tickets.

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1 Response to "Bye Bye Liver: The Boston Drinking Play"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    Hey Everyone! Bye Bye Liver has moved locations but is still running. You can browse showtimes and get tickets to the show by clicking on this link or calling the box office at 1-800-650-6449.

    Posted on 9/19/12, 2:46 PM


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