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1000 Words: Taj Boston

5/09/2012 08:00:00 PM
In all my years in Boston, I just realized last week that I have never stayed in any of the hotels (no real need for me to, right?)  I drink a lot at hotel bars, but never really stayed in them.  That changed last week.  I stayed at my very first Boston hotel (for a work thing) and it happened to be the Taj and thought it was quite nice.

I'm not going to review it, that's what tripadvisor and are for, but here are a few thoughts and a few pics of my room.  Oh and I spoke to the concierge to get some of his suggestions for various scenarios, I think he did a good job.    


Great location on the edge of Newbury & the Public Garden
Classically old-school in a nice way
Walking distance to some of my favorite spots (Parish Cafe for beer, Charlie's Sandwich Shop for turkey hash, Legal's for some chowder)
Staff was very nice and accommodating
Quiet bar downstairs for a scotch and a chat.
Molton Browne stuff in the bathroom 


My "Newbury Facing" room was a little noisy due to the construction outside.
$10 for internet access?!? 
At 7am the next morning, the guy in the room next door got a phone call.  I was able to hear the conversation in it's entirety.

Concierge Suggestions:

Business Dinner w/ Clients:  Mistral
Solo Dinner Where I Could Sit at the Bar, Eat, and Not Look Like a Loser:  Davio's
Place to Take Clients for a Drink:  Top of the Hub
Best Sushi in the City:  Oishii Boston

Overall, I enjoyed my stay at the Taj, I would stay there again given the chance.  I don't have any frame of reference in terms of other Boston hotels, but in comparing it to other hotels I've stayed at for work (in other cities), it's up there among the better ones.  I tend to sleep late and wake up early, so the noise issues didn't actually affect me, but I could see how it could bother others.

On to the pics:


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