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Conversation with my friend yesterday:

Him:  I should introduce you to one of my friends.  She's awesome.
Me:  I'm always interested in meeting new people.
Him:  She's like a nerd trapped in a hot girl's body.
Me:  That sounds amazing.
Him:  Seriously, you better brush up on your Marvel and Star Wars knowledge.
Me:  Christ, I may as well buy a ring now.

That being said, ImprovBoston's 6th Annual Geek Week starts later this month.

For four days at the end of April, ImprovBoston is celebrating all that is Geek, with their sixth annual Geek Week. From April 25-29, the theatre will feature improv, musical, sketch, and stand-up comedy and storytelling that celebrates science fiction, fantasy, comic books, anime, videogames, and superheroes – everything geek. Geek Week begins on Wednesday, April 25th and runs through Sunday, April 29th.

Geek Week Schedule:

WEDNESDAY April 25th
8 p.m. Comics on Comics/ Quest
10 p.m. Geek Night Out/Ninja Sex Party

THURSDAY April 26th
8 p.m. Briami Sound Machine/ The Itching Man A/V Society Presents: Brian Longwell & Evan O'Television
10 p.m. Nerds of Prey/ Sawyer and Hurley: The Complete Works of Batman (Abridged)

FRIDAY April 27th
8 p.m. 2010: Our Hideous Future-The Musical!/ The Telethon
10 p.m. Anthony Scibelli / Mon Frere: “HufflePuffed!”

SATURDAY April 28th
6 p.m. Family Show
8 p.m. CSI: Boston, Special Comedy Unit/ Kevin and Matt Geek Out
10 p.m. Thunderstood!/ Jake Young /Overthinking It / Mike Lawrence

SUNDAY April 29th
7 p.m. Reckless Sidekick Productions “Hero Envy”/Uke Skywalker Meets Mando Calrissian (In the Cloud City)/ Jack Lees
9 p.m. Kevin Anglin* (Hosting slot) / Vagabond Theatre Presents: “True Believers”
10 p.m. Micah & Michelle/ Daft Agenda/ Harry Roasts “GEEK WEEK”

Click (here) to get the full schedule & tickets.

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