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Review: is Pretty Great

3/18/2012 09:48:00 PM
I'm a big fan of live events (particularly live music) and recently heard about a site called  The best way that I can describe it is that it's like Priceline for event tickets.  So far I've used it three times, and each time I've gotten tickets for more than 70% off.  Granted these were classical music concerts and plays - not Celts tickets. 

But I figure if there's savings to be had, it'll beat the scalpers on Stubhub at least some of the time.  I also find myself going to events that I normally wouldn't go to, which is nice because it takes me out of my normal wheelhouse. 

The secret is to not be in a rush and to make lowball offers.  If your offer doesn't get accepted, just go back the next day and add $5 to your bid and lowball again.  Repeat until you get the tickets or you hit your price ceiling.  I'm going to try for some basketball tickets soon I think.  I'll let you know how that goes.  Obviously, the more popular the event, the less of a discount you're going to be able to get. 

For example.  I just bid on a classical concert that isn't taking place until the end of May.  I started bidding at 20 bucks for 5 star seats (which the website said normally goes for $150).  If your offer doesn't get accepted, you have to wait 24 hours before you can try again.  No problem, I had 2 months.  Each day of last week, I increased my bid by $2.50.  5 days later, I got the tickets for $32.50.  Again, this was for a classical music concert (apparently not terribly popular).  If I was bidding on Celtics tickets, I would not expect to save nearly that much money due to increased demand.

If any of you are interested in going to live events, I'd say it's worth checking it out and adding it to your standard arsenal of craigslist and stubhub.    

Click (here) to get more info on Scorebig.

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5 Response to "Review: is Pretty Great"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    Thank you for your review, I am skeptical of how good these deals seem but have had a hard time finding reviews from actual people who used the service. Would like to hear from those who have used it for sporting events.

    Posted on 4/5/12, 7:55 PM

  2. Beantown Bloggery Said,

    Hi Anonymous,

    Thanks for the feedback. I'm not a huge sports fan, but if I end up using scorebig for any sporting events, I will report back.


    Posted on 4/6/12, 1:13 PM

  3. nomadfromcincy Said,

    Meh. I recently used and did not have a good experience.

    I bought a voucher on Living Social to try out Scorebig. I tried
    bidding a couple times unsuccessfully. I eventually got a
    counter-offer which was advertised as 40% off the price. I accepted
    and I thought everything was hunky-dory.

    Then I saw the location of the seats. I would say they were in the
    bottom quartile of quality from the section the website highlighted.
    Then I checked StubHub and saw I could have received the same seats
    for the same price.

    Then I got the tickets and I saw that the face value was lower than what I paid. Sure,
    that's the season ticket or ticket package price, but that means that
    either the re-seller or the team was willing to sell for that price.

    Posted on 6/28/12, 2:02 AM

  4. Unknown Said,

    I used the site today, 10/16/2012 for Detroit Tiger vs New York Yankee ACLS tickets in Detroit for game 4 of the series. I couldnt find anything cheap on stub hub or craigslist. I know its a big time event so i didnt expect much. I just wanted to pay facevalue . I ended up getting the tickets for 10 bucks below face so i was happy with that and they are good seats. I cant wait to try it again

    Posted on 10/16/12, 1:46 PM

  5. Anonymous Said,

    ScoreBig is a scam in the sense that I have always been able to find a ticket of the same quality for any event that I have been interested in (sports, music concert) for less money than I would be able to aquire it for via ScoreBig and I assume that anyone else that is able to make a purchase on ScoreBig will be able to as well. Scorebig is no different than any other ticket agency except that is uses a gimmick by letting you “bid” on the ticket. Believe me, no bid will be accepted unless it is the price that the ticket will be sold for by other ticket agencies including any fees and other charges. There is simply no need to use ScoreBig.

    Posted on 1/17/13, 8:00 PM


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