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Boston Museum Bids on Greenway Site

3/25/2012 08:30:00 PM
The Boston Museum submitted a proposal a few days ago to build a new museum at the corner of Blackstone and North Streets, adjacent to the Rose Kennedy Greenway and along the Freedom Trail in downtown Boston  I'm a big fan of museums, therefore, this is definitely something I'm in favor of. 

The Museum proposal, submitted to the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, owner of the Big Dig “Parcel 9” site, also contains detailed plans for a ground floor public market which will provide modern, indoor space for many of the historic Haymarket pushcarts on their traditional market days.

The Museum will celebrate the uniqueness of Boston and its environs through five interactive galleries on innovation, sports, politics, people, and growth. Visitors will travel via glass elevators up to the fifth-level Boston Gallery, where they will watch an introductory video, enjoy the panoramic view, and gather information for exploration of the city. As visitors descend to the lower floors, they can spend time in one or all of the Museum’s galleries before continuing on their visit to the Freedom Trail and other attractions. In addition to the five permanent galleries, a travelling exhibit gallery will provide an ever-changing array of informative and educational exhibits.

Click (here) to find out how you can help.

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