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Restauranteur Bob O’Guin is proud to announce he has taken over ownership of Common Ground Bar & Grill. Additionally, O’Guin is excited to introduce a new chef, menu and overall experience at this beloved neighborhood restaurant and bar. O’Guin and his new Executive Chef Jaime Suarez are bringing Common Ground Bar & Grill to an entirely new level and in the direction of a destination restaurant – an amazing bar with craft beers and cocktails and menus that focus on items that are local and all made in house.

Chef Suarez has worked in kitchens in and around the city including Grafton Street Pub & Grill, The Fireplace and Casablanca. Now with the chance to exhibit his cooking prowess and desire to create in the kitchen, he is taking the menu at Common Ground to a higher ground.

Common Ground is located at 85 Harvard Avenue in Allston, Massachusetts.

Click (here) for the Common Ground website.

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