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Review: Uber

11/02/2011 09:26:00 PM
Bloggery media rep DanDan swung by the launch event for a new car service called Uber last week.  Here's what he had to say.

I *love* Uber! I apologize for how advertisement-y this sounds, but I had the chance to stop by Uber's launch party and have used it several times since and I have to say that it is a truly amazing service.

Basically, Uber let's you book a luxury limo sedan for just a few bucks more than a normal taxi. Using the service is as easy as pulling out your smart phone, opening the app, and requesting the car with one click (you can also request a car by text). Uber let's you know exactly where your car is (you can watch as the car approaches on Uber's map) and how long it'll take to get to you. Then, the driver actually calls you to let you know he's arrived! Typically, wait times are between 5 and 10 minutes.

AND, you know how cabs drivers usually get grumpy when you want to pay by card? When you register with Uber, you give them your credit card number so, when you Uber to your destination, you don't even have to pay. Your card automatically gets charged (you don't tip Uber drivers) and you're all set to go.

So, why do I love Uber so much? Well, remember the snow storm on Saturday night? I was getting out of the Night of the Stars at the Boston Ballet (wonderful show!) and I met up with some friends at an event across the street. The event ends and I'm stuck on Washington St in a three piece suit just after 1am during a nasty snow storm with no cabs in sight. Luckily, Uber to the rescue! Just under seven minutes later, my personal car pulls up, the driver steps around and opens the door and I get home. Later, I check and see that the trip cost $15 for a cab ride that would typically cost around $12 with tip.

Click (here) to Uber out.

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2 Response to "Review: Uber"

  1. Dan Dan Said,

    Also, you can take advantage of this GiltCity offer to try out Uber on the cheap:

    Posted on 11/3/11, 11:01 AM

  2. Anonymous Said,

    Most updated coupon code is "ubertdot". It's good for a $10 driving credit and is transferable! Happy riding!

    Posted on 7/13/12, 2:19 PM


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