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On my Thursday off for Thanksgiving, I watched a little football and dismantled the foosball table in our living room (and got rid of it).  Now, we have room to pick up a Christmas tree -- which my friends and I will be doing this weekend.  And with that,  few words from my friend Lisa at Lisa's Hands of Time.

‘Twas the month before Christmas,
And all through the land
Shoppers were pressed for time -
They could use an extra hand.

Errands and waiting and traffic galore -
Shopping and wrapping and mailing some more!
“We wish we had someone to help us along,”
Their pleas for help - were growing strong.

When, what to their wondering minds did appear?
The answer to all their time-saving needs was near.
Lisa’s Hands of Time Concierge was the trick
Could this be the work of Old Saint Nick?

Nope – this is better – time is the gift
Lisa and her team of elves will give you that lift
This holiday season – don’t conquer it alone
Even if you think you can do it on your own.

In Whole Foods, In Bloomies, On Amazon – oh my
In Apple, In Nordstrom, in Target and Best Buy.
Buying, Wrapping, Mailing, it’s true
Stuffing, Sealing, Stamping, can you?

Returning, Exchanging, Waiting on line.
This holiday season will be just fine.
Save yourself some time…..
And just give us a call!
Happy Holidays to You
And a Good Year to All!

Click (here) to visit Lisa's Hands of Time.

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