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I had steak for dinner both Friday AND Saturday night.  That could be why I'm not losing any weight...... Regardless, Longhorn Steakhouse just shot me an email to let me know about a promo that they have going on right now.  They're also going to send me a gift card that I can give away to one lucky reader to try the Steakhouse Dinner for Two that they told me about.

“Steakhouse Dinner for Two” Survey:

It’s that time of year; vacations are coming to an end, school is back in full swing and people are getting back to their busy routines. It’s no secret that it’s often because of these busy routines that Americans are spending less time connecting with family and friends. In fact, to launch its “Steakhouse Dinner for Two” promotion, LongHorn Steakhouse conducted a survey uncovering America’s habits when it comes to spending time with loved ones.

The survey uncovered these key insights:

· 39 percent of consumers say they spend too little time with their loved ones;

· 64 percent of consumers say that dining out is a way to spend quality time with their family or friends, and

· The majority (40 percent) of consumers say that when they are looking to treat themselves to dinner during a night out, steak is the food they crave most.

LongHorn Steakhouse wants to help Americans reclaim their time together! “Steakhouse Dinner for Two,” available now through October 16, offers a high-quality steakhouse meal for just $29.99. When the steak craving hits, this three-course steakhouse meal for two is sure to satisfy; start with two fresh salads, then choose two entrees from seven expertly-grilled options. Round out your meal by sharing one of our appetizers or a dessert.

So the giveaway will go up as soon as I have the giftcard in hand.  In the meantime, because I would end up eating both dinners myself if I went, Bloggery media rep Sara is going to check it out in my stead.  Review to come.

Click (here) for the Longhorn Steakhouse website.

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