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Give Me Free Drinks or Give Me Death!

10/11/2011 08:50:00 PM
Thanks to DanDan for passing this along to me.  You see, I don't follow politics; I'm not a fan.  Besides I'm too busy getting ground into a fine powder by my boss at work.  I am, however, a big fan of booze and booze related activities like happy hour.  And it brings tears to my eye that we might actually have them in the near future.

State senators debating a casino gambling bill have approved an amendment that could ease some of the restrictions on so-called "happy hours" in Massachusetts - if casinos open in the future.

The amendment sponsored by Sen. Robert Hedlund, R-Weymouth, would make bars and restaurants subject to the same liquor licensing regulations that casinos are in the future. So if casinos are allowed to serve free drinks or have other alcohol promotions, other bars and restaurants would as well.

Someone bring me an old-fashioned, rye whiskey, no fruit.  STAT!

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