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I had a surprising number of friends that sang in acappella groups in college.  I also grew up watching Rockapella sing on "Where In the World is Carmen San Diego."  They were awesome.  

The 15th Annual Faneuil Hall Marketplace Boston Collegiate A Cappella Fest kicks off Sat., Oct. 15-Sun., Oct. 16 from 11AM-5PM .

On the bill, the Suffolk University Ramifactions, spanning everything from pop and rock to R &B and soul, sang the National Anthem at a Celtics game and have recently released their first album-Voices in the Attic.

The Dartmouth Brovertones, boasting prominent alumni John Lennon, Elvis, Mick Jagger, have been influenced by Van Halen and Sting.

The B.U. Bos Tones, with influences by the Beatles, are an undergraduate coed ensemble bringing "soul sweetness & sass" sounds to the A Cappella scene.

The Tufts sQ , an ensemble of singing engineers, belt out "sweet harmonies," contemporary songs of all genres, rap and beat box.


15TH Annual Boston Collegiate A Cappella Fest
Faneuil Hall Marketplace, Boston; Outside; Main Stage

Suffolk Ramifications: Sat., Oct. 15- 11AM-11:30AM
Dartmouth Brovertones: Sat., Oct. 15- 1:30PM-2PM
BU BosTones: Sat., Oct. 15- 2PM-2:30PM
Tuft sQ: Sun., Oct. 16- 2PM-2:30PM
More ensembles through 5PM {TBA or call {617} 523-1300}

FREE; Rain or Shine

A more complete list of performances can be found (here).

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