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So I'm starting something new this week. More and more events are popping up after work, which has been preventing me from training for the marathon (here) as much as I'd like to, so I'm going to start waking up at 5am, to go running before work. Is this actually going to happen? I dunno, but I'm going to try.

In addition to running more, I seriously need to give up the junk food.  I had beer and pizza this weekend.  Delicious, but probably not good for me.  Adding to the list of stuff that's not good for me is free Ben & Jerry's ice cream throughout the month of August......

Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Truck will tour Boston from August 1st through August 28th attending community events and visiting non-profits. While giving away ice cream is nothing new for the irreverent ice cream maker, what is unique is that the good people of Boston can help direct where the truck will go simply by plugging into the tour via Twitter and Facebook. All throughout August there’s a chance for Tweeters to become ice cream eaters and determine the route the truck takes.

Click (here) to get more info on where to find the truck.

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