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I almost had my first lobster roll of the season last weekend while I was up in New Hampshire.  I say almost because I ended up getting too impatient and decided to just eat the lobster the old fashioned way after I finished boiling it.  It was delicious.  What I haven't had yet this summer is fried clams.  And, now I think I know where I'm going to go ... I'm a sucker for advertising/other people's endorsements.  Grubstreet has an article about 50 "State Dinners" to check out and number 22 is the Woodman's of Essex.

The destination: Woodman's of Essex in Essex, Massachusetts
How to get there: Essex is a quick drive from Gloucester and about 40 miles outside of Boston.
When to go: All summer long, but July 3

You don't have to be a New Englander to know that summer on the East Coast should mean at least a few fried-clam feasts. And if you're going to do it, you may as well go to the restaurant that claims to have invented them, 95 years ago this July 3. Normally we'd chalk a gimmick like that up to something from a tourist trap. But everyone owes it to themselves to try the corn-flour-coated "chubby's Original" fried clams here. Plump and crispy, they're exactly what every "summah" calls for.

I want some NOW.  Nom Nom Nom.......

Click (here) for the Grubstreet article.

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