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Review: 49 Social

6/29/2011 09:35:00 PM media rep DanDan swung by 49 Social last week to check out the new digs and he had some nice things to say about the place.  Where was I?  I'm glad you asked.  I was at home studying for what I thought was going to be the last of my three licensing exams that I had to take for work.  That is until one of the VP's walked up to me the day before my exam and said "when you're through with that one, i want you to take the series 3 too."   AHGHGHGHG.  We don't even trade futures, why do i need to take the exam?  Bah!  Anyway, on to the review and some pics of scallops that have me thinking about licking my monitor.    

I had the chance to swing by Downtown Crossing's newest restaurant, 49 Social, which took the place of Ivy Restaurant at 49 Temple Place. Veering away from the small plates of its predecessor, 49 Social serves up generous portions of New American cuisine prepared by chef Michael Lishchynsky from the Four Seasons Hotel. The beautifully remodeled three story dining room features two bars; I would definitely recommend stopping by the first floor bar for a very well made cocktail. Although the $20-30 main courses are very reasonable, they do feature a nightly bar menu for those looking for smaller fare. I would personally recommend the burger, delicious!

Click (here) to visit the 49 Social website. 

Food pic credit: Christopher X Wong.

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