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I figured I'd stick with the "Pork" theme for the day and tell you about an event coming up at Kitchen Wares later this week.  I've always wanted to take a butchering class (for beef though).  

KitchenWares’ WHOLE HOG Event with Tom Daly, Butcher from Savenor’s Market

Get your grillin’ tips from Tom Daly and your edge back with a complimentary knife sharpening from KitchenWares’ Wusthof Representative

Event to benefit to Rosie’s Place KitchenWares is hosting Tom Daly, Butcher for Savenor’s Market, for a Pig Butchering demonstration and grilled pork tasting, including a delectable Boston Pork Butt, on Saturday, June 18th from 11:30am to 1:00pm. (Pardon the rude name but that’s really what it’s called, particularly in the Southeastern US). This is the perfect event for dads and anyone who loves grilling season. Get your Grillin’ on. With a purchase from KitchenWares on June 18/19, attendees will receive 10% off all weekend long at Savenor’s Market. With a purchase from Savenor’s on June 18/19 you will get 10% off at KitchenWares on those days.Get your Edge back. Our Wusthof representative will be in the store on Saturday, 11am-3:00pm, to professionally sharpen any two kitchen knives on-the-spot for free. (excludes Japanese , single bevel and serrated knives for technical reasons).

This event is free and open to the public. A ten dollar donation is suggested to help KitchenWares raise funds for Rosie’s Place. All donations will go to support their programs within Boston’s communities.

All this talk of grilling  makes me wish I had a yard and/or balcony.  Apartment living prevents me from grilling anything delicious.  But, I'm heading up to a buddy's lakehouse in NH for July 4th and mark my words, I will be getting my grill on.

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