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Free Kickass Cupcakes - 6/18

6/16/2011 10:41:00 PM
I'm a little sad that i have to pass on this one.  I just made a bet with one of my roommates that I could lose 15lbs before he could.  And he really doesn't want to lose.  I'm still counting on my marathon training (which started this week) to help me kick his ass.  Speaking of kicking ass - free Kickass Cupcakes this Saturday!

It was "Game 3' when Sara Ross of Kickass Cupcakes decided her favorite team needed some extra (sweet) love so she held a contest to create a Bruins themed Cupcake (photo below), she then sent a bunch directly to the Bruins for a pregame snack. That night they won 8 to 1. Sara’s cupcake fans were determined that the cupcakes were good luck and urged her to send to the Bruins every home game thereafter -- guess what -- they kept winning! Sara sent some along for the Stanley Cup Game 7, just to make sure, and sure enough – they won the series!

To celebrate this momentous win, Sara will be offering free mini lucky Bruins Bear Claw Cupcakes* at Kickass Cupcakes this Saturday to celebrate the team’s victory parade!

*while supplies last

About the Bruins Cupcake

The Bruins Bear Claw Cupcake is made up of a buttery almond cake with a milk chocolate ganache center, topped with cream cheese icing, crunchy honeycomb candy and honey drizzle for the finish.

Man ... i love cream cheese icing.  blargh.  Must .... lose .... weight.

Click (here) to visit the Kickass Cupcake website.

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