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EurekaFest - 6/16-6/18

6/13/2011 08:30:00 PM
I used to do science fair every year when I was in highschool. I even made it to ISEF my sophomore year in highschool. Coming up this week is EurekaFest - a celebration of inventors that are way smarter than I ever was.

I wanted to make sure that Lemelson-MIT’s fifth-annual EurekaFest, held this week on June 16-18, is on your radar. This three day celebration in Boston brings together inventors of all ages and aims to inspire our next generation of science and technology leaders.

You will have the chance to meet high school inventors showcasing their prototypes, including:

- Pike Central High School InvenTeam (Petersburg, Ind.): Lightweight, portable emergency shelter to be used after natural disasters to house displaced people; includes a water purification system and renewable energy power source for an LED light

- West High School InvenTeam (Salt Lake City, Utah): Autonomous, solar-powered robot to locate unexploded weaponry

- Berlin High School InvenTeam (Cherry Plain, NY): Alert device for hearing-impaired athletes

You can also speak with renowned scientists and technologists who will be presenting:

- $500,000 Lemelson-MIT Prize winner, to be announced June 14, for work in healthcare technology and entrepreneurship

- Elizabeth Hausler, $100,000 Award for Sustainability winner, founder and CEO of Build Change: sustainable earthquake-resistant housing technology to reduce deaths, injuries and economic losses caused by natural disasters in developing countries

I'm going to need someone to invent me some badass painkillers because serious marathon training starts tomorrow.  It's going to be ugly.  

Click (here) for more info.

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