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This tip in from Bloggery reader Bill who has been following the moving filming in the area a lot closer than I have.  

Two filmings are on-going. And the Signs will indicate which ones.

Here Comes the Boom is using "BOOM" and Ted is using "FLASH"

The filming [TED] was Wednesday and looks like they will be back, sometime later at the Corner of

Congress and A Streets [Bar or former Bar] Crews were staged on A, Congress, Summer [above] Seaport Blvd etc

Today [Thursday] they are in Chelsea [Ted] on Broadway in-front of St Rose [School & Church]

It's not known if they are using the Bldgs or some other near-by locations. Some of your Readers might be interested in some Info on the Productions, if they have a "Police Scanner" as we have found some of the Radio Channels for the two Crews.

Click (here) for frequency info.

Thanks Bill!

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