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This just in from Bloggery Reader FD.

Signs are posted all over Sumner Street in Eastie that there is no parking on 5/31 to 6/1 except for filming crew trucks. There are also tons of signs for where extras should go and where film crews should store stuff.

If anyone is in that area on Tuesday or Wednesday and is able to snap some pics, send them over and I'll get them posted for all to see.

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2 Response to "Here Comes the Boom Filming In East Boston - 5/31"

  1. MS9 Said,

    Salma Hayek and Kevin James were filming in 2nd story of a townhouse today. Salma could be seen through window wearing some hot attire, probably lingerie in a bedroom scene. They wrapped in this location; it was a one-day shoot.

    Posted on 6/1/11, 2:34 AM

  2. msomers Said,

    Filming in East Boston again overnight for the third night in a row -

    Posted on 6/3/11, 8:31 PM


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