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Timberland's Earth Day Grant - 4/13

4/11/2011 10:58:00 PM
Sorry for the late notice on this one, I'm pretty bogged down with things right now .... with no relief in sight.

I think I might need to start making my media reps do more writing as opposed to just scarfing down free food/booze at the newest restaurants around town.  Especially DanDan ... he's a bum.

Timberland has a grant opportunity due in tomorrow 4/13 for $2500 for those nonprofits that are dedicated to environmental stewardship. 

I wanted to get in touch to spread the word about Timberland’s “Earth Day” grant opportunity for Boston-area nonprofits. Timberland recently opened a new store on Newbury Street, and they’re helping celebrate their arrival to the neighborhood by offering a $2,500 grant to a Boston organization dedicated to environmental stewardship.

The deadline for submissions is Wednesday, 4/13, and I thought you might be interested in sharing this opportunity with your readers. In addition to the grant, the company will provide up to 100 Timberland employees to serve with the chosen organization this summer, putting “people power” behind its monetary gift.

Organizations interested in applying are encouraged to visit the new 201 Newbury Street location or e-mail for more information. Grand prize and runner-up winners will be highlighted in a store display this spring.

Considering the imminent deadline, I'd suggest you visit or call the store to get details.

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1 Response to "Timberland's Earth Day Grant - 4/13"

  1. Dan Dan Said,

    I am a gentleman and a scholar!

    Posted on 4/12/11, 3:40 PM

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