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Ok, so now I know why bloggers like Perez Hilton post controversial stuff on their blogs.  Because it causes people to comment.  A bunch of folks chimed in yesterday to let me know that 3 Scoops is in fact not the newest ice cream shop in Brighton (here).  It proves three things - which are really embarrassing for me.

1.  How quickly I read through press releases that are sent to me.  3 Scoops sent me something to say that they were newly opened for the new season.  Not that they were new in general.  My bad.

2.  How often I go to Brighton Center and/or Brighton in general.  The answer is pretty much never, and not for at least the last five years.

3.  You guys know way more about Boston than I do.  But, I'm doing my best.

Sooooooo, apologies to the actual newest ice cream shop in town - which according to commenters is Abbot's Frozen Custard.  But, I still stick with my recommendation to swing by 3 Scoops if you haven't been there.  I'd also like to say that you should swing by Abbot's as well - while you're in the area - Bloggery readers seem to love it.

So that covers the apologies and the ice cream, on to Russell Peters.  He's one of my favorite comics.  And there's a presale going on today for his upcoming show at Agganis Arena.

Gabriel Iglesias & Russell Peters
New Majority Tour with Lisa Lampanelli
and Steve Byrne
Saturday, June 4 @ 8:00 p.m.

Presale start: Thursday, April 7 @ 10am
Presale end: Friday, April 8 @ 9:59am
Password: Rhett

Be a man, do the right thing (here).

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1 Response to "Apologies, Ice Cream, and Russell Peters"

  1. Kendra Said,

    I love reading your blogs :) and I don't think you need to apologize for anything! If people wanna go to Abbott's well they should but should definitely not bitch about an original local store. Who cares if it's new or not it's all about the quality. I live in Brighton and LOVE 3 Scoops, their ice cream is delicious and the flavors are ways more innovative and outstanding than the ones from Abbott's. Plus if you request a special flavor, no matter how crazy it might be, they create it. Does Abbott's do stuff like that for you?!?

    Posted on 4/12/11, 6:52 PM

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