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Review: Ajax @ A.R.T.

3/08/2011 11:43:00 PM
Ajax is another show that's playing at the American Repertory Theater and dwillens checked that one out as well.  If you haven't figured it out yet, dwillens is the cultural media rep and dandan is the one that goes to the events that involve free booze.

Here's the play's little description:

A poignant examination of how war affects the mind of a solider, Sophocles’s tragedy speaks directly to our times.  Second only to Achilles in greatness and strength, the legendary Greek warrior Ajax struggles under the weight of psychological and physical injuries, trying to maintain his dignity, identity, and honor. Director Sarah Benson brings the voice of the community to this production, exploring the relationships between soldiers and civilians.

And here's dwillens' review:

Ajax, a play about the madness caused by war, adapts amazingly well to the modern age. Warfare has changed since the Trojan War, but it still exacts its toll on the emotions of our veterans and our communities. We even coined a term for the effect in the wake of the Vietnam War.

Director Sarah Benson shows us how deeply PTSD can affect a community. Though the script is set during the Trojan War, the set is dressed to look like a mess hall in Afghanistan. Its rafters form a grid on the sloped roof, which Benson fills with video images of Boston area community members, which come alive with taped interview monologue to serve as the classical chorus. The chorus members sometimes speak lines from the script, but just as often, they tell the audience about their personal experiences, either as veterans or as friends or relatives of veterans. It is a deeply engaging way to modernize the role of the Greek chorus.

Ajax is wrapping up soon, but there are still shows for the rest of the week if you're interested.  

Click (here) for more info. 

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