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Ok, so i'm not sure how this slipped through the cracks, but I heard there's another movie filming besides Kevin James's "Here Comes the Boom." It's called "I Don't Know How She Does It" and stars Sarah Jessica Parker, Christina Hendricks (from Mad Men), Pierce Brosnan, Olivia Munn, Kelsey Grammar, and a whole slew of other people - at least that's what IMDB says.

The comedy, based on Allison Pearson’s 2002 bestseller and directed by Douglas McGrath, stars SJP as Kate Ready, a working Boston mom in the finance game whose promotion throws her life into turmoil. Greg Kinnear plays her hubby, an architect who just got downsized, and Hendricks is her BFF and fellow guilty working mom.

Yay for more movies filming in Boston.  Let's get the numbers back up like they were a couple years ago.

Click (here) for the Herald blurb and picture gallery.

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