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So I made a new friend a couple of weeks ago.  And turns out this new friend works for Eversave and they want to give free stuff away to you guys (not me, sadly).  So, without further ado, one of the first giveaways I've hosted in a while - courtesy of Eversave.

Do you have the luck ‘o the Irish?  Maybe you’ve won the lottery, met your favorite rock star, survived getting struck by lightning? Whatever it may be, Eversave is searching for the three luckiest people in Beantown.  

Email me with your story and you could win awesome prizes from Eversave Boston.  Winners will be announced on St. Patrick’s Day – Thursday 3/17 – Good Luck!  

Same rules as usual.  Email me with subject heading: "Eversave Contest" and then tell me a story about what you consider your luckiest/unluckiest moment (I consider 'bad' luck as also 'having' luck).  Winners will not be chosen based on their stories, but rather via a random drawing.  I'd still like to hear some awesome stories, though.  You can do it, put your back in to it.

Contest ends Wednesday night at 10pm EST.  So you've got just two days to enter.  Tell your friends, tweet about it, and so on and so forth.

Click (here) to see what Eversave is saving folks $ on today.

Click (here) for Eversave's Facebook page.

And Click (here) to follow them on Twitter.

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1 Response to "Contest: 3 People Will Win A Free Eversave Save"

  1. Dan Dan Said,

    Unluckiest? The day I met you...

    Posted on 3/15/11, 8:22 AM


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