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City of Boston - Food Truck Location Survey

3/31/2011 11:07:00 PM 0 Responses
Looking back, I ate at (and still eat at) a lot of food trucks. When I was in college, I ate a whole lot of Goosebeary's (Asian food truck on the MIT campus) and falafel. And then whenever I would visit NYC, I'd eat chicken & rice. Oh and for the record, I wasn't terribly impressed with the chicken & rice from 53rd & 6th. There's another place on 30th & Park that I prefer.

The City of Boston is hosting a survey right now to get input on the best locations for food trucks.

The City of Boston is excited to be creating space for mobile food trucks across Boston, particularly beyond the Downtown district and into the neighborhoods.

We need your input in order to determine the best locations for food trucks. Please take a few minutes to complete our survey.

I wish they'd provide a forum where we can choose what kind of food trucks we want.  I'd like a little more variety besides the standard sausage, pretzel, and hot dog stands.

Click (here) to take the survey

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Contest: Win Lunch for 2 at Rock Bottom Brewery

3/31/2011 10:58:00 PM 2 Responses
To celebrate surviving my 2nd week of work at my new job, I'm giving away a free lunch for two at Rock Bottom Brewery on Stuart Street on either 4/8 or 4/9 of next week.

Here are the rules:

1.  Head over to the Rock Bottom Brewery website.
2.  Pull up their menu and then email me (with subject heading:  Rock Bottom) what you think you'd have if you were to win the contest.
3.  Contest runs from now until Sunday night 4/3 at 9pm EST. 

I just spent some time on the site myself and I think I've got it narrowed down to either the Santa Fe Ranch Chicken Salad (so I can pretend to be healthy) or the Kobe Cheeseburger.  MMmmmMMm cheeseburgers.

Oh and you have the lovely folks at CBH Communcations and Rock Bottom Brewery to thank for the sponsoring the contest.  Only 3 days to enter, so get to it.

Click (here) to check out their menu.

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1st Annual Peabody House Pizza Challenge - 4/2

3/30/2011 11:21:00 PM 0 Responses
I'm going to gain about 7 lbs this weekend.  First there's the bake sale for Japan, and then second there's the 1st Annual Elizabeth Peabody House Pizza Challenge.  Pretty much any event that starts with the words "All You Can Eat ...." piques my interest.  Although, I'm partial to "All You Can Drink."  =)

Is it the crust, sauce, or cheese that defines a pizza? You be the judge. Join us for a delicious afternoon that will bring together some of Somerville's most renowned pizzerias to square off for the title of best pizza. $10 gets you all you can eat pizza, a chance to vote on who you think deserves the title of best pizza, and the knowledge that all of your money is going towards supporting our emergency food pantry.

Click (here) for more info.

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Bakesale for Japan - 4/2

3/30/2011 11:13:00 PM 0 Responses
I was at brunch this past Sunday and one of my friends ordered a carrot cake muffin along with her meal.  It looked delicious.  And now for the last 3 days, I've really been craving that carrot cake muffin.  Or really just a muffin in general.  I try to stay away from sweets/carbs, especially until I rejoin a gym.  But if they have one at the upcoming Bakesale for Japan on Saturday - 4/2.  I may have to get one .... or nine.  Afterall, it's for a good cause.

A simultaneous national bakesale hosted at some of our favorite bakeries, restaurants, and other businesses featuring baked goods made by some of the most talented professional and amateur bakers around.

Boston @ Ula Cafe (284 Amory St.)
Cambridge @ UpStairs On the Square (91 Winthrop St.)

When: Saturday, April 2nd from 10am-2pm

Who: Professional and amateur bakers, cooks, artists, artisans, and musicians coming together around food to make something BIG happen.

How: Want to help? We’ll need bakers, artists, volunteers, and lots and lots of customers. Visit the locations page to find a location near you and participate.

Why: So we can donate BIG BUCKS to Peace Winds Japan and help our brothers and sisters over there in the best way we can.

Click (here) for more info.

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9 Circles @ the BCA Plaza Theatre - Until 4/9

3/29/2011 11:29:00 PM 0 Responses
Dwillens just got busted for forgetting to send me a review about a play he went to see last week.  So this is about a lil over a week late, but better late than never.  You've still got a week and a half to check out 9 Circles at the BCA Plaza Theatre. 

'9 Circles' tells the story of Daniel Reeves, a troubled young American soldier. Recruited while trying to escape legal problems at home, he now finds himself facing much more serious charges--he stands accused of atrocities committed against Iraqi civilians. We watch as he descends through 9 circles, which are both an allusion to Dante's Inferno and a metaphor for the ever-tightening imprisonments in which Reeves finds himself. 

In the descent, playwright Cain explores Reeves's past: his misbegotten youth, the terms of his recruitment, and the conditions of his training; and his present: the legal system which cannot help him, being treated as a scapegoat by his commanders, and his own doubts about his actions and motivations. The play is heavy, politically-charged, and at times, shocking, but it's broken up by witticisms that keep it from dragging. In the end, it comes off as an interesting exploration of a troubled mind in a troubling set of circumstances, and inspires sympathy for Reeves's plight, which is clearly not entirely of his own making.

Click (here) to get tickets.

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2011 Boston Cupcake Camp - 4/13

3/28/2011 11:06:00 PM 0 Responses
I find myself craving a carrot cake cupcake with cream cheese frosting while I type this.  Sadly, the best I can do right now is search for it in Google Images and lick my monitor........

Click (here) for more information.

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2nd Annual Boston Wine Week 2011

3/28/2011 11:01:00 PM 0 Responses
I was much more awake today at work compared to last week.  I guess I'm starting to get acclimated.  It could also be because I had my first cup of coffee this morning (for waking up purposes) in many, many years.  As a result, though, of waking up at 6am, I've been dead tired by the time the work day is over.  I promised myself though, that this Wednesday, I would go out for a drink or two during happy hour.  This just may be the venue.

The second annual Boston Wine Week kicks off a week-long celebration of handcrafted wines by winemakers and growers from around the world, served by the glass or bottle at some of Boston’s top restaurants. Proving that great wine doesn’t have to be a great expense, all wines (some of which retail up to $90/bottle) will be offered at $9/glass and $32/bottle. Participating restaurants will offer a minimum of six wines, available at a substantial discount.

Also back for the second year running is The Second Glass Classy Bar Crawl, a swanky neighborhood stroll running in collaboration with Boston Wine Week. Two wine crawls are in the works for this year, the first on Thursday, March 31 with pit stops around Back Bay, including 94 Mass Ave, Brasserie JO and Back Bay Social Club. A second Industry Night Bar Crawl will take place Sunday, April 3 at participating Downtown restaurants, such as BiNA osteria, Jer-Ne and Woodward at the Ames Hotel.

Somebody's got a Chataneuf du Pape with my name on it.  I can feel it.

Click (here) for a list of participating restaurants.

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Free: The Capital Trio & Guests - 3/29

3/27/2011 11:14:00 PM 0 Responses
For the last several weeks, I've been listening to Dvorak's New World Symphony. Its position on my playlist was just recently usurped this weekend by Armin van Buuren's A State of Trance Episode 500 (which is a somewhat ridiculous 7 hours long).

I'm going to try to take a short break from trance this week and swing by the Atheneum for the free Capital Trio concert tomorrow.  If you wanna go, you HAVE to make reservations. 

Tuesday, March 29, 2011 - 6:00pm - 8:00pm
This event is open to the public.

The Capital Trio and Guests

Music by Beethoven, Malsky, and Dvorak

Duncan Cumming: piano
Hilary Walther Cumming: violin
Violet Son Walther: violin
David Walther, Jr.: viola
Sölen Dikener: cello

The Capital Trio (Duncan Cumming, Hilary Walther Cumming, and Sölen Dikener) from the University at Albany join Violet Son Walther and David Walther for a chamber music program including a trio, a quartet, and a quintet. The program will begin with Beethoven’s Piano Quartet in E flat major, Op. 16 and continue with a new work by Clark University professor and composer Matt Malsky titled The Archipelago of Regrets. The program will finish with one of the great works in the chamber music literature, the Piano Quintet, Op. 81 by Antonin Dvorák (1841-1904).

To Reserve: This event is free and open to the public. Reservations are required.  Please call the Athenæum’s events reservation line, (617) 720-7600.

See you there.

Click (here) for more info.

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Book of Days by Lanford Wilson - 3/31

3/27/2011 11:07:00 PM 0 Responses
One of the nice things about being gainfully employed again is that I (will soon) have money to spend on fun again.  I had some great sushi this weekend to celebrate surviving my first week and now I've got my eye on some upcoming plays/concerts that are coming to town - one of which is the latest from Bad Habit Productions - a local group that is no stranger to the Bloggery.

Their new show starts later this week on 3/31.  

Bad Habit Productions, one of Boston’s Top Small Theatres according to WBZ, presents Book of Days by Pulitzer Prize winner Lanford Wilson. This dark comedy mystery will run from March 31 until April 10 (Press performance on April 1 at pm.) The St. Louis Post raves, “ You could go to the theatre night after night and never hear language so supple."

Book of Days takes place in the fictional town of Dublin, Missouri consisting of a cheese factory, fundamentalist churches, and a community theater. Mystery unfolds when a tornado hits the town and the owner of the cheese factory suddenly goes missing. Ruth, his bookkeeper and star of the community theater in town is determined to unfold the truth. Book of Days gives a day by day account of how a little town can quickly lose its innocence.

Performances will take place at the Durrell Theatre, located at the Cambridge YMCA at 820 Massachusetts Avenue on Thursdays through Saturdays at 8:00pm and Sunday at 2:00pm. There will be a special industry night on Monday, April 4 at 8:00pm.  There will be one “pay what you can” performance on Thursday, April 7th at 8:00pm.

Click (here) to get tickets.

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Weforia Extends Giveaway 5 More Days

3/24/2011 11:00:00 PM 0 Responses
Happy Friday folks!  After today, I will have survived my first week of work at my new job.  I've been a zombie all week, but I'm starting to feel like a normal person again today.  Hopefully it's a permanent thing and the weekend won't throw me off.  

The folks over at Weforia (here) are extending their giveaway promotion that I has been going on for the last 10 days.  They're going for another five days.  Which means, more free stuff for us. 

For 5 days only, weforia is giving 80 gift cards to some of Boston’s favorite spots to new weforia subscribers. Can you post this promotion on your blog? It is launching tomorrow (3/25) through Tuesday (3/29). The order of giveaways is as follows:

3/25 – $10 gift card to Dunkin Donuts
3/26 - $20 gift card to Firebox BBQ
3/27 – $10 gift card to Cumberland Farms
3/28 – 2 free exercise classes at Energize Fitness
3/29 – $10 gift card to Dunkin Donuts

If you haven't signed up yet.  Now would be the time.

Click (here) to visit Weforia.

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$400K Up for Grabs for Boston Nonprofits - 6/1

3/24/2011 10:54:00 PM 0 Responses
I wonder if I could turn the Bloggery into a nonprofit.  God knows I'm not making any money off of this.  But then again, I'm pretty sure there are other organizations that are doing more beneficial work than I am and could really use the money.

Those of you affiliated with nonprofits should apply for this, the Bank of America is looking for applications now through June 1st. 

The Bank of America Charitable Foundation has issued a call for applications for the Neighborhood Excellence Initiative, its signature philanthropic program that recognizes and rewards service and leadership by organizations, individuals and students in 44 U.S. cities and in London. Applications for the Neighborhood Builders® (nonprofit organizations) and Local Heroes (community leaders) categories of the program are due by June 1, 2011. 

In 2011, Bank of America will honor, more than 90 Neighborhood Builders (two in each participating market) who work to strengthen the social and economic health of their neighborhoods. Each will receive $200,000 in unrestricted grant funding and participate in the bank’s strategic leadership training program. Also this year, the program will recognize more than 225 Local Heroes (five in each market) who champion causes vital to their local communities and inspire others to get involved through community service. Each recipient will direct a $5,000 contribution from the Bank of America Charitable Foundation to an eligible nonprofit of their choice.

Click (here) for more info on how to apply.

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Deathwish Movers on the Travel Channel

3/23/2011 11:22:00 PM 1 Response
I'm not a reality tv person.  All my roommates are really into Jersey Shore, and they swear if I watch a bunch of episodes that I will eventually get hooked too.  I'm not going to take that chance.  I do however, love shows related to Boston somehow - even shows like Fringe that are based in Boston but don't actually film there in reality.

A new series on the Travel Channel on Wednesday night - features a local company called Deathwish Movers.  Check out the youtube clip below.

Click (here) for more info on the show.

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Casting Call: MTV College Roommate Show

3/23/2011 11:13:00 PM 0 Responses
It's a shame they only want college roommates and they only want girls.  Because, I've got a 30 year old roommate who's a guy and a slob and I wouldn't mind getting him made over.

But for those of you that do fit the bill, check out the flyer below for a new MTV show about roommates that have to deal with a slovenly housemate. 

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3rd Annual “Chefs for the Cure” - 4/7

3/22/2011 11:49:00 PM 1 Response
As you've all noticed.  Only one post per day this week.  That's because I just started my new job this week and waking up at 6:30am does not agree with me.  I was leaning towards 0 posts per day this week, but I love you guys too damn much.

Hopefully things will be better next week, and I'll be a little more acclimated to my new schedule.

The Massachusetts Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure® is proud to present the 3rd Annual “Chefs for the Cure” event on April 7, 2011 at the Viking Center in Westwood.

“Chefs for the Cure” is an exclusive tasting-style event which features the opportunity to sample gourmet cuisine from some of the finest local chefs. Featured this year are Annie Copps, Joanne Chang, Keenan Langlois, Nicole Coady, Derek Barragan, Peter Dexter, Jarrod Moiles, Jose Duarte, Denise Baron and Christopher Robins.

General admission tickets are available for $100 and provide admission to the grand tasting. VIP tickets, which also include a private reception and tasting with Chef Annie Copps, are $150.

The Viking Center
400 Blue Hill Drive
Westwood, MA 02090

Thursday, April 7, 2011
VIP Demo – 6:30pm
Tasting & Silent Auction – 7:30pm

Click (here) to get tickets.

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Casting Call: I Used To Be Fat - 4/9

3/21/2011 10:02:00 PM 0 Responses
So the in person casting call isn't until April 9th, but they're currently looking for email submissions as well for the tv show "I Used To Be Fat."

Casting Call Info:


Details in the flyer below for email submissions:

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Contest: Boston Bruins Foundation Giveaway - 3/31

3/20/2011 09:36:00 PM 0 Responses
I'm tapped out for the time being with stuff to give away, but I got an email recently that the Boston Bruins Foundation is running a contest to give away some pretty sweet gear.  So if you're in the market for free stuff, check this out:

The fans' recent support of the Boston Bruins Foundation means a lot to the guys. As a thank you, the guys want to give away some wicked swag. We have joined forces with The Boston Bruins Foundation to get you a bunch of sick Aerosmith & Bruins memorabilia! Whether you are from Beantown or not, you'll wanna get your hands on these wicked pissa prizes you can't get anywhere else

(1) lucky winner will get their hands on:

* (1) AEROSMITH #1 Custom Bruins Jersey
* (1) AUTOGRAPHED Bruins Hockey Stick
* (1) AUTOGRAPHED Bruins Jersey
* (1) Bruins Winter Classic Fenway Framed Piece
* (1) AUTOGRAPHED Steven Tyler Photo
* (1) AUTOGRAPHED Joey Kramer Drum Head
* (1) $50.00 Gift Certificate to the Aerosmith Online Store
* (1) Aerosmith Hockey Hoodie
* (1) Aerosmith T-shirt

This giveaway ends on March 31st, but you can come back EVERY DAY & re-enter to increase your chances.

I think I will enter too.  And if I end up winning.  I'll hold a humongous giveaway and split it up so that 8 people get something instead of just one.  (Yes, there are 9 prizes, but I figured if I'm actually lucky enough to win, I deserve to keep one of the items).

Click (here) to enter the contest.

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Armin Van Buuren @ Royale - 5/25

3/17/2011 11:29:00 PM 0 Responses
Tickets are already halfway there to being sold out.  So get them NOW.  There's this song called "Feels So Good" featuring Nadia Ali on his new cd Mirage that is so good that I want it behind a middle school and get it pregnant (a little 30 Rock humor for those that aren't familiar).  But seriously, that song is amazing. 

Click (here) to get tickets.

Click (here) to listen to "Feels So Good."

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Free Domino’s Pizza at South Station - Friday!

3/17/2011 11:22:00 PM 1 Response
I was actually just thinking about having pizza for dinner this weekend.  Perhaps I'll just swing by South Station instead and pick up a free slice there and celebrate Sparky the Fire Dog's birthday.

March 18 marks the 60th birthday of Sparky the Fire Dog, the widely recognized mascot of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), which is based in the Boston area. This Friday, Domino’s has teamed up with Sparky for a pizza party at the South Station (downstairs on the 2nd level) from 2:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m., where the iconic spokesdog will be handing out fire safety information and free slices to approximately 3,000 people in celebration of his birthday.

To give you a little background about Sparky the Fire Dog, he was created in 1951 for an Advertising Council Campaign and has allowed the NFPA to connect with millions of children and their families and educate them on important fire protection and safety information. Since Sparky’s creation, the number of fire and fires injuries in the United States has declined, which is due in part to enhanced public education efforts.

I want pizza.  And bon chon.  And a cheeseburger.  Note to self, don't blog hungry.

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Free: Hornitos Party @ Hurricane O'Reilly's - 3/19

3/17/2011 11:17:00 PM 0 Responses
Didn't have enough to drink on St. Patrick's Day?  Well, Hornito's is sponsoring a party over at Hurricane O'Reilly's on Saturday - 3/19 and they'll have free cocktails from 9-10pm.

Click (here) to RSVP

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Winner: Eversave Giveaway

3/17/2011 11:07:00 PM 0 Responses
I hope everyone had their fill of Guinness, Jameson's, and any other Irish-themed food and beverages.  I sure did. 

Thanks to all the folks that entered my latest giveaway sponsored by the folks at Eversave (here).

Congratulations to the following three folks.

Sheetal B. 
Heather G.
T. K.

You guys will be contacted by Eversave via email with your prizes. 

Click (here) to visit Eversave.

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Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!!

3/17/2011 02:37:00 AM 0 Responses
I'm not actually Irish, but kiss me anyway?

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6th Annual Celtic Sojourn - 3/18

3/15/2011 11:28:00 PM 0 Responses
In addition to the Beehive event that's going on Thursday, the 6th annual Celtic Sojourn Concert will be going on this upcoming Friday in Cambridge - 3/18.  If you're looking for traditional Irish music, this is probably your best bet. 

The sixth annual St. Patrick’s Day Celtic Sojourn Concert returns to the beautiful Sanders Theatre in Cambridge, Massachusetts on Friday, March 18 at 8pm. Due popular demand, a second venue has been added at Zeiterion Theatre in New Bedford, Massachusetts on Saturday, March 19 at 8pm. Highlighting this year's lineup will be Téada, a dynamic young five-piece band from Ireland, who will be joined by the truly iconic singer and accordion player, Séamus Begley, from the Dingle Peninsula in County Kerry. Joining the lineup will be Irish American singer-songwriter Carol Noonan, accompanied by guitar gods Kevin Barry and Duke Levine. This year, from Tiperarry, we are delighted to introduce uilleann piper, Michael Cooney. (Uilleann pipes are the Irish form of the bag pipes.) Finally, as has become a tradition for the show, dancers and some very special surprise musical guests will also be added.

This is an event I end up blogging about every year.  That's how good it is.

Click (here) to get tickets.

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St. Paddy's Day @ The Beehive - 3/17

3/15/2011 11:23:00 PM 0 Responses
I received a few emails from readers asking where I think would be a good place to celebrate St. Paddy's day.  Personally, I think a pub crawl including all the Irish bars you can think of is called for.  But if I had to choose one place, I think The Beehive sounds like they've got a good thing going on this Thursday.  Afterall, they're partnering with the Boston Irish Tourism Association - so it better be good!

WHAT: Irish eyes will be smiling when The Beehive presents their 4th annual St. Patrick’s Day festivities on Thursday, March 17th, 2011 from 5:00PM – 2:00AM. St. Patrick’s Day at The Beehive means an evening of authentic entertainment including: the most exciting and genuine Irish music acts in the city, Irish inspired à la carte food & drink specials, and an evening like only The Beehive can create.

The claim from inside the ‘hive’ is that while there will be plenty of surprises, this will not be your typical Irish fest. “No green beer…but what we are planning is a sophisticated evening of amazing Irish comfort food and authentic, world-class, Irish entertainment for a mature audience,” said Co-Owner, Jack Bardy. And “authentic” is the key word! The Beehive has landed the stamp of approval again for this year’s event from the Boston Irish Tourism Association.

MUSIC: One of the many St. Patrick’s Day surprises at The Beehive will be a special performance by Matt and Shannon Heaton Celtic Review. Both have an Irish folk pedigree that started with sessions in Chicago pubs and was refined by the masters in Dublin.

Opening the show will be the sweet voice of Sheila (The Plummer) Linnehan. Straight from Ireland, she is the real thing.

This evening of entertainment is not to be missed. Dinner reservations recommended, no cover charge, both the upstairs and downstairs bars will be open for service.


DETAILS: In addition to serving the regular menu, Chef Rebecca Newell has created several à la carte specials including: Corned Beef & "Cabbage" Flatbread with Sauerkraut & Cheese, Finaan Haddie Smoked Fish & Chips with Malt Vinegar Aioli & Slaw and Grilled Lamb Chops with Colcannon Mashed Potatoes just to name a few.

WHERE: The Beehive, 541 Tremont Street, Boston, MA 02116
WHEN: Thursday, March 17th, 2011, 5:00PM - 2:00AM

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Contest: 3 People Will Win A Free Eversave Save

3/14/2011 11:18:00 PM 1 Response
So I made a new friend a couple of weeks ago.  And turns out this new friend works for Eversave and they want to give free stuff away to you guys (not me, sadly).  So, without further ado, one of the first giveaways I've hosted in a while - courtesy of Eversave.

Do you have the luck ‘o the Irish?  Maybe you’ve won the lottery, met your favorite rock star, survived getting struck by lightning? Whatever it may be, Eversave is searching for the three luckiest people in Beantown.  

Email me with your story and you could win awesome prizes from Eversave Boston.  Winners will be announced on St. Patrick’s Day – Thursday 3/17 – Good Luck!  

Same rules as usual.  Email me with subject heading: "Eversave Contest" and then tell me a story about what you consider your luckiest/unluckiest moment (I consider 'bad' luck as also 'having' luck).  Winners will not be chosen based on their stories, but rather via a random drawing.  I'd still like to hear some awesome stories, though.  You can do it, put your back in to it.

Contest ends Wednesday night at 10pm EST.  So you've got just two days to enter.  Tell your friends, tweet about it, and so on and so forth.

Click (here) to see what Eversave is saving folks $ on today.

Click (here) for Eversave's Facebook page.

And Click (here) to follow them on Twitter.

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Contest: Accent Limo Celtic's Giveaway

3/14/2011 11:00:00 PM 0 Responses
The folks over at Accent Limo wanted me to let you know that they're running a contest right now to give away a pair of tickets to an upcoming Celtics game AND roundtrip limousine transportation.  Sounds good to me.  Here are the details:

What: 2 tickets to see the Boston Celtics take on the Washington Wizards and roundtrip limousine transportation

When: The game is scheduled for Friday, April 8, 2011, at 7:30 p.m. Pick-up time will be arranged between Accent Limousine and the winner.

Where: The game is taking place at the TD Garden in Boston.

Who: Winner must be 18 years old or older and must live within (or be willing to travel to) a certain geographic location. Read the official rules to learn more.

How: It's easy to win. Just fill out the form below and tell us -- in 250 words or less -- why you're the wicked biggest Boston sports fan evah. Be creative, be funny, be real!

If you win, you're obligated to take me as your +1.  Just kidding ... you're not.  But if you did, I'd be your best friend FOREVER.  I'd even add you as my friend on Facebook.

Click (here) for contest website.

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Weforia Launch & Giveaways

3/14/2011 12:39:00 AM 0 Responses
I actually can't remember the names of all the different group purchasing sites that have sprung up in the last year.  There are so many now - which is fine.  It's a win-win situation for us.  More services = more discounts.  Weforia is the latest to join the mix and they're giving away prizes this week.  Here are the details.

Weforia Facebook Promotion - Weforia Gives a Grand

‘Weforia Gives a Grand’ promotion is launching Monday, 3/14/11. We will be giving away 1,000 prizes over the 10 day promotion and awarding one grand prize winner $1,000 gift card.

· Users will reach the Facebook weforia Boston page and subscriber to receive exclusive local deals
· If the subscriber is one of the 1st 100 subscribers that day, they will receive a free local giveaway AND be entered into a $1,000 sweepstakes drawing
· All other subscribers who enter (new or existing) will be eligible for a $1,000 gift card sweepstakes drawing
· Subscribers can enter everyday

The 10 day giveaways will be:

Day 1: We will make your car sparkle with a free car wash from Scrubadub Auto Wash Centers!
Day 2: We will give you with fresh food on the go with a $7 gift card to Subway!
Day 3: We will satisfy your craving for down-home cooking with a $20 gift certificate from Firebox BBQ!
Day 4: We will provide you with a night of fun you won’t forget with a $20 gift card to Town Line Ten Pin!
Day 5: We will serve you an amazing upscale meal with a $20 gift card to Appetito!
Day 6: We will keep you going with a $10 gift card to Cumberland Farms!
Day 7: We will sweeten your day with a $10 gift card to Dunkin Donuts!
Day 8: We will help you get fit with 2 free classes at Energize Fitness Studio!
Day 9: We will feed you mouth watering sandwiches with at $10 gift card to D’Angelo!
Day 10: We will dish up a delicious pizza with a $10 gift card to Papa Gino’s Pizzeria!

I think I would like the $7 Subway gift card.  I eat their about once a week.

Click (here) to visit their FB page.

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Free: Dance Into Spring - Starts Today!

3/14/2011 12:32:00 AM 0 Responses
Anyone else miserable because we lost an hour?  Grrrrr.....

With Irish Step Dancers kicking up their heels on St. Patrick’s Day, to Ballroom, Flamenco, Asian and Swing dancers, there’s something for everyone to enjoy each midday afternoon at South Station from Monday March 14 to Friday March 18.

Performing each day on the Grand Concourse of Boston’s historic train depot, between noon and 1 P.M. will be special performances by some of the Boston area’s most talented dancers.

Starting off the week on Monday, March 14th, will be members of two groups from MIT – the MIT Ballroom Dance Team and the MIT Asian Dance Team that explores ethnic and classical dances from China, Japan, Manchuria, Taiwan, Vietnam, and more.

Following on Tuesday the 15th will be New School Swing with dancers Alexandre Abdoulaev and Elizabeth Markle showing everyone how it’s done, when they swing with some hot jazz.

On Wednesday the 16th, Flamenco takes the stage. Sabrina Aviles of Flamenco Dance Project, accompanied by a guitarist will delight the crowd with their Latin flair.

Thursday, St. Patrick’s Day, between 11:30 and 1:30, the Greene-O'Leary School of Irish Dance, the longest- running Irish dancing school in New England will perform. Under the direction of Maureen Greene, this troupe, who has performed at South Station for more than a decade, has won two first place titles at All World Championships in Ireland as well as other placements in World Competition.

Rounding out the week on Friday the 18th, will be the Tufts Ballroom Dance Team.

The performances are free and open to the public.  

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Filming: I Don't Know How She Does It

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Ok, so i'm not sure how this slipped through the cracks, but I heard there's another movie filming besides Kevin James's "Here Comes the Boom." It's called "I Don't Know How She Does It" and stars Sarah Jessica Parker, Christina Hendricks (from Mad Men), Pierce Brosnan, Olivia Munn, Kelsey Grammar, and a whole slew of other people - at least that's what IMDB says.

The comedy, based on Allison Pearson’s 2002 bestseller and directed by Douglas McGrath, stars SJP as Kate Ready, a working Boston mom in the finance game whose promotion throws her life into turmoil. Greg Kinnear plays her hubby, an architect who just got downsized, and Hendricks is her BFF and fellow guilty working mom.

Yay for more movies filming in Boston.  Let's get the numbers back up like they were a couple years ago.

Click (here) for the Herald blurb and picture gallery.

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Agrippina @ The BLO - 3/11

3/10/2011 02:01:00 AM 0 Responses
Agrippina opens this Friday at the Boston Lyric Opera - 3/11.

Agrippina desperately wants to crown her rotten teenage son Nero Emperor of Rome. The problem? Her husband already occupies the throne. Watch the ultimate stage mother have a major melt-down as she plots desperately to push her son to power in BLO’s elegant production of Handel’s fast-paced Agrippina. This light and frothy opera with insidious undertones is based in historical fact, weaving a twisted tale of intrigue amidst shifting political and sexual alliances.

A classical yet modern production, created by Glimmerglass and New York City Opera, Agrippina features exciting debuts and is the third in BLO’s 2010-2011 Season.

Here are a few pics of the show to whet your appetite.

Click (here) to get tix.

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Casting Call: Here Comes the Boom - 3/12

3/10/2011 01:50:00 AM 0 Responses
Here Comes the Boom, the new Kevin James movie that is filming in town has had the most casting calls of any movie that I've seen so far that has filmed in Boston in the last 4 years.  There's another one coming up this weekend.  Here are the details:


-- Casting Call at Quixote Studios, Allston, MA--

Reminder! Boston Casting is holding an Open Casting Call for the film "Here Comes the Boom" starring Kevin James. We are looking for people of ALL TYPES (ages 18+) to be extras on the film that is shooting late March- Early June .

Anyone interested should bring a current photo.

Open Call Information:
Date: Saturday, March 12
Time: 10am- 3pm
Location: Quixote Studios
184 Everett Street
Allston, MA 02134

Other casting calls will be held on March 20 at the Burlington Mall and the Lowell VFW, and March 26 at the Hanover Mall. People who have already attended an Open Call for this film do not need to attend another one. For more information, visit

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Tom Brady Needs A Haircut

3/08/2011 11:47:00 PM 0 Responses
In my humble opinion, Tom Brady could really use a haircut.  Below is a recent video of him attending Carnival this year in Rio de Janeiro.

Click (here) for the youtube link .

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Review: Ajax @ A.R.T.

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Ajax is another show that's playing at the American Repertory Theater and dwillens checked that one out as well.  If you haven't figured it out yet, dwillens is the cultural media rep and dandan is the one that goes to the events that involve free booze.

Here's the play's little description:

A poignant examination of how war affects the mind of a solider, Sophocles’s tragedy speaks directly to our times.  Second only to Achilles in greatness and strength, the legendary Greek warrior Ajax struggles under the weight of psychological and physical injuries, trying to maintain his dignity, identity, and honor. Director Sarah Benson brings the voice of the community to this production, exploring the relationships between soldiers and civilians.

And here's dwillens' review:

Ajax, a play about the madness caused by war, adapts amazingly well to the modern age. Warfare has changed since the Trojan War, but it still exacts its toll on the emotions of our veterans and our communities. We even coined a term for the effect in the wake of the Vietnam War.

Director Sarah Benson shows us how deeply PTSD can affect a community. Though the script is set during the Trojan War, the set is dressed to look like a mess hall in Afghanistan. Its rafters form a grid on the sloped roof, which Benson fills with video images of Boston area community members, which come alive with taped interview monologue to serve as the classical chorus. The chorus members sometimes speak lines from the script, but just as often, they tell the audience about their personal experiences, either as veterans or as friends or relatives of veterans. It is a deeply engaging way to modernize the role of the Greek chorus.

Ajax is wrapping up soon, but there are still shows for the rest of the week if you're interested.  

Click (here) for more info. 

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Review: Prometheus Bound

3/08/2011 11:36:00 PM 1 Response
Little bit of trivia before I start.  I was informed yesterday by bloggery reader Tim that the correct spelling is St. Paddy not St. Patty.  I learn something new everyday.  Now on to the show.   Media rep dwillens swung by on Monday to check out Prometheus.  Here's what he had to say:
Prometheus Bound is exactly as it's advertised, a rock opera adapted from an ancient Greek tragedy. The real joy of it is in the sheer amount of talent that has been poured into it, both by the creative team in planning, and by the cast, band, and crew in each performance. The script and lyrics really convey Prometheus's torment and rebellion, while still including some witty lines to break the tension.

Despite the lack of stage action in the original play, the choreography comes across as dynamic and exciting. It fully takes advantage of Oberon's unique setting, where the audience watches from the midst of the performance space. (This is the same theater where the Donkey Show is staged.)

Serj Tankian's music has a few System-style thrashers, but definitely showcases the breadth of his talent for composition, including slower lyrical pieces, interesting instrumentation, and plenty of opportunities for the cast to show off their vocal talents. The three part harmonies sung by the Daughters of the Aether were particularly sublime. The band members manage to move from guitar to sitar, trumpet to flugelhorn to clarinet, violin to trombone to mandolin, and give great performances on all of them.

Overall, I had a great time at Prometheus Bound. The only thing I wanted was more time to watch all the great talent on display around me. I guess that means I'll have to go again...

Now it's my turn to go.

Click (here) to get more info on the show.

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St Paddy's Day @ Improv Boston - 3/17

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Green beer.  It's almost time for green beer!  Here's a flyer for the event that Improv Boston is going to be holding to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.  How will you be celebrating?

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Prometheus Bound @ Oberon - Playing Now

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Whoopsies, a little late to the game on this one, but at least we still have a month to check it out.  Prometheus Bound is the latest offering from The American Repertory Theater.  Here's the details:

WHAT: The American Repertory Theater (A.R.T.) continues its 2010/11 Season with Steven Sater and Serj Tankian’s world premiere rock musical Prometheus Bound, directed by Diane Paulus.

WHEN: February 25 - April 2, 2011

WHERE: OBERON, 2 Arrow Street, Harvard Square, Cambridge

TICKETS: Begin at $25. Student rush $15.
Seniors $5 off regular ticket price.
Group Rates available.

Media rep dwillens went to see it recently, I'll get his review up as soon as it becomes available. 

Click (here) to get tickets.

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Memory Foam Mattress Recommendations?

3/06/2011 10:59:00 PM 4 Responses
I need a new mattress.  

I spent the better part of this morning reading reviews about memory foam mattresses and I'm probably more perplexed than I was before.  So, I decided that I would crowdsource some reviews/suggestions from you guys.  I trust you more than the reviews on or  Here's what I know so far:

I have 2 friends with Tempurpedic beds.  One loves it and says it was the best money he's ever spent.  The other now keeps the tempurpedic in his guest room because his wife hates it, so they got a new one after they got married.  One friend has a bed from this company called and loves it.  I'm currently considering getting one of the Novaform brand ones from Costco.  They've got a great return policy, so if I end up hating it, I can always return it.  Also, I have one of their memory foam pillows and it's worked out pretty well for the last few years.  


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Lemelson Student Prize Winner Event - 3/9

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I'm assuming this is open to the public because I was emailed twice about it asking that I let you guys knkow about it.  Coming up on Wednesday is the 17th annual awarding of the Lemelson Student prize.  If you're free, it's worth checking out to see what sort of cutting edge research/inventiveness is going on right now.  

This year is our 17th annual event, which showcases some Boston’s brightest young innovators and entrepreneurs. It would be great if you could include our event in your calendar listings.

Ceremony and presentation announcing winner of 17th annual $30,000 Lemelson-MIT Student Prize. Nationwide Lemelson-MIT Collegiate Student Prize winners will also be announced and recognized for outstanding achievements and remarkable inventiveness.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011
MIT Stata Center, 32 Vassar Street, MIT Building 32, Room 123

If you'll recall, my friend Tim won the award back in 2008 (here).  I had dinner with him last week, he's well on his way changing the world for the better.  

Click (here) for a list of the past winners.

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Taste of the South End - 3/8

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I've been eagerly awaiting this week.  I'm expecting a job offer (hopefully), the launch of the HTC Thunderbolt cell phone (hopefully), the launch of the iPad 2 (I finally looked at the Motorola Xoom and I don't like the 16:9 aspect ratio), and last but not least - the Taste of the South End event Tuesday - 3/8.

AIDS Action Committee announces that the annual Taste of the South End will take place Tuesday, March 8, 2011. Attendees will enjoy small plate culinary creations from at least 40 of the South End’s most vibrant restaurants. The popular event will also feature live cooking demonstrations, a silent auction and raffle, extensive wine tasting and beer sampling. Taste of the South End takes place from 7 to 9:30 p.m. at the Boston Center for the Arts Cyclorama at 539 Tremont Street in Boston.

“Taste of the South End is a fun and festive way to spend an evening out in Boston. Our guests get to meet some of the city’s most talented chefs and sample their finest gourmet offerings,” said Rebecca Haag, president and CEO of AIDS Action. “But best of all, this night out supports the critical work AIDS Action of combating the epidemic by eliminating new infections, improving the health of those already infected, and attacking the root cause of HIV/AIDS.”

I just ate at Hammersley's Bistro last week for the first time in a while.  Still good.  One of these days, I need to head over to Metropolis Cafe for brunch.  That place was my favorite when I lived in the South End.

Click (here) for more info.

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Want to Date a Nerd? Move to Cambridge or Somerville

3/03/2011 11:44:00 PM 1 Response
Want to date a nerd?  Well you're in luck ... I'm single.  But on to the topic at hand.  According to a recent blog entry on's blog, Cambridge and Somerville ranked 2nd and 3rd on their list of top ten cities to date a nerd.

We researched our top 10 cities with the highest educated members, either in technical or educational occupations, and Eureka! Sunnyvale, CA (in the heart of Silicon Valley) is THE number one place to find yourself your very own nerd! The nerd-factors of some cities seem obvious because of the brainy companies and schools that are stationed there. For instance, Sunnyvale is in the home to many online businesses, Cambridge is home to Harvard University, and Somerville is home to another prestigious university, Tufts. In each one of our geek-hubs you can find a technologically advanced company or a scholarly university. So it seems if you have a heart for the smart, search for a smarty-pants of your own in one of our top 10 cities. Here is the line-up ranked in order of nerdiness:

1. Sunnyvale, CA
2. Cambridge, MA
3. Somerville, MA
4. Berkeley, CA
5. Santa Clara, CA
6. Ann Arbor, MI
7. Boulder, CO
8. Columbia, MD
9. Fairfax, VA
10. Rockville, MD

Makes sense.  I know a wholllle lot of grad students and such that live in the Cambridge/Somerville area.  I resent the fact that they didn't mention MIT though.  We're huge nerds and we're also in Cambridge.  

Click (here) for the original blog entry. 

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An Evening with Anthony Bourdain & Eric Ripert - TODAY

3/03/2011 11:33:00 PM 0 Responses
I blogged about this back in January when tickets went on sale, but I just checked and there's still a few tickets left.  I've been watching a whole lot of Anthony Bourdain lately, so it makes me really sad that I can't go.

Join Anthony Bourdain, chef, author of Medium Raw and host of The Travel's Channel's No Reservations and Eric Ripert, renowned chef of Le Bernardin, author and regular guest on Bravo's Top Chef as they share stories and muse on the place of food in our personal, community and global life. It's an evening of storytelling and observation providing frank and provocative insight into what really goes on behind the kitchen doors.

Boston Symphony Hall
Boston, MA
Fri, Mar 4, 2011 08:00 PM

I think No Reservations is probably my favorite food related tv show on television.

Click (here) to get tickets.

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Congrats to Jamie Bissonnette!

3/03/2011 12:32:00 AM 0 Responses
Thank goodness for screen shots, cause I'm too lazy to type tonight.  Congratulations to Jamie Bissonnette for winning Food & Wine Magazine's 2011 People's Best New Chef Award.  That was a mouthful.  Methinks it's time to start making some dinner reservations ... at Coppa.

Click (here) to visit the Food & Wine page.

PS.  While I was struggling to spell his last name correctly, I noticed the 3 sets of double letters.  You know what word has 3 sets of double letters in a row?  Bookkeeper.  Just a little trivia for you on a Thursday morning.  I'm a fountain of useless knowledge.

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Jazz Club Series Concert - 3/4

3/03/2011 12:23:00 AM 0 Responses
I was at a scotch bar with my buddy Jake last week and he mentioned that he'd been meaning to go check out a jazz club or piano bar sometime.  This Friday may be the proper opportunity.

The Jazz Club series at the Multicultural Arts Center continues on Friday, March 4 with two separate admission shows. Kicking off the night at 7:30PM, The Ben Schwendener Group celebrates the release of Apfelschaun: New Episode, the 2nd release of pianist/ composer Ben Schwendener. At 9PM, the Judi Silvano Group! will perform. Silvano is an acclaimed and accomplished vocalist, composer and lyricist. This should be a great night of music in Cambridge. Once again I would like to remind you that the price of these shows is incredibly affordable making it a great introduction for newcomers and a great deal for all others.

Also, the performance by the Shelley Neill Group in January which had been canceled because of a storm has been rescheduled to April 1. Vocalist Shelley Neill will be joined by master musicians from Berklee College of Music including Laszlo Gardony on piano, Ron Mahdi on bass and Yoron Israel on drums. The evening will feature music from Irish Eyes Gypsy Soul. We will be distributing a release shortly on that but wanted to put that on the radar for you.

I'm trying to remember the last time I was at a jazz bar or jazz performance.  I can't remember.  I guess it's been too long.

Click (here) for more info.

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Free: Classical Music Concerts @ Boston Conservatory

3/03/2011 12:12:00 AM 0 Responses
I've been on a big classical music kick lately, mostly listening to Dvorak's New World Symphony.  May be time to mix it up a bit.  I noticed that there's a series of free concerts going on at the Boston Conservatory for the next several days. 

To mark the 200th birthday of Franz Liszt (born October 22, 1811), Boston Conservatory students, faculty and visiting artists present seven retrospective concerts honoring the phenomenal composer and keyboard titan. All performances take place in Seully Hall at 8 The Fenway.

General admission tickets to the March 8 Piano Masters Concert by André Laplante is are $15, $10 for students and seniors.  All other Lizst Festival performances are free.

March 3, 8 p.m.
Infernal Virtuoso

An all-Liszt recital performed by 21-year-old Ukrainian pianist Oleksandr Poliykov, who already has more than 20 international prizes to his credit. In 2010, he was Silver Medalist in the Weimar International Liszt Competition, leading to solo and orchestral concerts in Germany. Later in the month, he will take this program to the International Liszt Competition in Utrecht, The Netherlands. FREE

March 4, 8 p.m.


Ya-Fei Chuang, Jung-Ja Kim and Janice Weber join students from their studios in a cavalcade of Hungarian Rhapsodies. FREE

March 6, 8 p.m.


Dr. William Cutter conducts The Boston Conservatory Chorale in Via Crucis (The Way of the Cross), and Boston Conservatory faculty members Victor Jannett, Thomas Gregg, and students perform Liszt lieder. FREE

March 8, 8 p.m.

Piano Masters: André Laplante
Since winning the Silver Medal the Tchaikovsky Competition in Russia, Canadian pianist André Laplante has firmly established himself as one of the great romantic virtuosos. Honored in 2005 as an Officer of the Order of Canada, he plays a wide-ranging repertoire with burning intensity. His award-winning recordings and active international concert schedule place him in an elite circle as one of today’s most significant pianists. Michael Lewin, artistic director.

BACH -BUSONI: Adagio in a minor
HAYDN: Sonata in E-flat Major, Hob.: 52
RAVEL: Sonatina
LISZT: Années de Pèlerinage; Book II—Italy

March 12, 2 p.m.


The final concert of the Liszt Festival Bicentennial Celebration features the recipients of the Lee and Churchill scholarships for the 2010-2011 academic year, plus members of the piano faculty in performances of solo and four-hand works by Liszt. FREE

Click (here) for more info.

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1000 Words: Iggy's Bread

3/02/2011 12:12:00 AM 0 Responses
My friend Tim has the most remarkable sweet tooth that I have ever encountered.  If I ate sweets the way he did, I'd be 400 lbs and diabetic.  Thanks to that sweet tooth though, he's led me to some really great pastry shops.  Pastiche in Providence, a random chinatown bakery in NYC.  And now Iggy's Bread in Cambridge.

Check out those cookies!  I hear their bread is good too.

Click (here) for the Iggy's Bread website.

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Get your Belgian Street Food Fix @ Saus

3/02/2011 12:03:00 AM 1 Response
So supposedly Saus opened up yesterday - or at least that's what GrubStreet said.  I haven't had a chance to verify yet.  But if any of you swung by for opening day, let me know.  I LOVE french fries and sugar waffles, so this place is going to be really dangerous for me.  Did I mention that they also have poutine?

Pommes-frites are the star attraction here, complemented by a dazzling array of dippin' sauces. Special opening-day sauces are Pegasus and Green Monster (because really, how good can a new restaurant be without the requisite menu-item nod to Fenway?). We're told that Pegasus is a creamy feta concoction spiked with oregano and lemon; the Green Monster is a spicy jalapeno-cilantro blend. We also have high hopes for their authentic a Liege waffles, a sugarier, snappier waffle than what we're accustomed to here.

I'm looking at their website right now and drooling all over my keyboard.

Click (here) for the Saus website

Click (here) for the Grubstreet article.

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