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I'm looking forward to Superbowl Sunday.  I'm not sure yet if I'm going to be in Boston or NYC, but either way, there's going to be Bon Chon involved.  And the folks over at Nebo sent over a couple of Superbowl recipes those that want to do a little cooking.

Carla & Christine Pallotta, the deliciously eccentric owners of Nebo Restaurant in
Boston’s North End have devised a winning game plan for your Super Sunday Snackdown.


1/2 lb ground angus beef
1/2 lb sweet italian sausage , out of casing
1/4 cup Romano Romano
Pinch of salt and black pepper
2 large onions sliced
3 tbl spoon butter
4 Ciabatta rolls
4 slices of provolone
4 slices of skillet fried pancetta
4 tbl spoons of pesto aioli

1 cp. Mayonnaise
1 cp. Arugula chopped
1 cp. Fresh basil chopped
2 tbls. chopped garlic
1/2 cp. pine nuts
4 tbls pecorino roman
11/2 tbls lemon juice
2 cps. Extra virgin olive oil

Preparation :
Put all ingredients in a food processor except the oil .Cover and pulse. Put food processor on and slowly add olive oil into mixture until fully incorporated. Mix beef ,sausage, salt.pepper and roman cheese together. Form into 4 patties. Brush the burger with oil grill on medium heat until brown for appr. 5 minutes. Flip the burger and top with provolone, grill 5 more minutes Toss and repeat . Cook until golden. On ciabatta bread layer 1 tablespoon of mayo pesto,burger with cheese, pancetta, caramelized onion and arugula.


11/2 lb penne
1 cup wild mushrooms (such as porcini,shitake, oyster)
1/2 cup of pancetta cut into small cubes
3 cups heavy cream
1/4 cup flour
8 oz. Goat cheese
1/2 cup fontina
1/2 cup mascarpone
1 cup of pecorino Romano
3 large egg yolks
3 tbls. Butter melted
1cup of day old bread crumbs
2 tbls olive oil

Combine crumbs and oil. Heat in skillet until toasted. Boil pasta until al dente. Drain. Preheat at 375. Remove from heat,adding goat cheese,fontina,1/2 of the romano cheese,salt and pepper. In another bowl,whisk egg yolks with 1 cup of sauce, return to sauce pan continuously whisking. Stir in mushrooms and pancetta. Pour pasta in baking dish,pour sauce over and sprinkle with rest of Romano and toasted bread crumbs. Bake for 45 minutes and bubbly. Cool for 15 minutes.

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