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Free Fish Taco @ Dorado Tacos - 1/31

1/28/2011 12:01:00 AM
Soooo, how about that snow, guys?  I went out and bought a new pair of snow boots today because if there's one thing I really hate, it's trudging through the slush without waterproof shoes - resulting in wet socks.  Gross.

On to happier things, like free fish tacos.  I checked out their website, these guys do it right.  I love fish tacos, but only when the fish is fried.  Grilled fish tacos just aren't the same.  Thanks to the folks at Dorado Tacos and the folks at, we can all get a free taco this upcoming Monday - 1/31.

Because there is little in Boston that's as delicious as a Dorado Baja California style fish taco, Signpost and Dorado are teaming up to give you one for free. On Monday, January 31st from 5:30pm-8:00pm, stop by Dorado and if you are a Signpost member, you will get a free Ensenada fish taco.

I think the best fish tacos I've ever had would still have to be from southern California.  But, I've got high hopes for these.

Click (here) for more details on how to get your free taco.

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