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Dropbox Online Storage

1/24/2011 11:31:00 PM
I've had lots of online storage accounts in the past, I would sign up and then totally forget about them.  But I just recently downloaded Dropbox and it's been pretty useful.  There's an application that I downloaded onto my macbook and then an app that I downloaded onto my iPhone and I've been using it to store magazines and books (pdfs) to read - I've been reading a lot of finance/interview books lately.

Then, one of my friends got sick and a bunch of us decided to put together an online scrapbook of photos, and so everyone uploaded photos to a shared folder on dropbox so that we could put the scrapbook together quickly.  Pretty useful. 

They give you 2GB for free.  I recommend you check it out. 

If I was willing to pay the $200 a year for 100GBs, I'd use that to host all my music rather than my desktop server.  More convenient and probably a lot safer in terms of backup. 

Click (here) to checkout Dropbox.

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3 Response to "Dropbox Online Storage"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    "Oh, and the link in my post is a referral link so the more people that sign-up, the more free storage space I get on Dropbox."


    Posted on 1/25/11, 1:38 AM

  2. SoxSail Said,

    Dropbox has taken all of the hassle out of working on two computers alternatively. However, for PDF's I suggest just adding them to your iBooks on your iPhone. Much easier to access in my opinion.

    At school, we used Dropbox for working on group Powerpoints and inDesign files, and for sharing goodies, research files, templates and standards. It's been amazing.

    Posted on 1/25/11, 10:03 AM

  3. Beantown Bloggery Said,

    Hi Anonymous,

    Yup, I was hoping to get a lil bump in free storage space via the referrals. I've been using dropbox a bunch, so I'm actually running out of space.

    Posted on 1/25/11, 10:40 PM


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