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I read the Social Network when the book first came out (I read pretty much all of Ben Mezrich's books) and was amazed to find out they were going to make a movie about it.  I just didn't see how it would make for an exciting movie.

But, I just watched it last night (finally) and I was surprised.  I quite enjoyed it.  Aaron Sorkin and David Fincher did a really good job with it.  And apparently, I'm not the only one to think so:

The National Board of Review, an organization of more than 100 film critics and historians, has picked the made-in-Cambridge Facebook flick “The Social Network” as its top movie of the year.

The National Board isn’t always a key indicator of Academy Award glory. Last year, its picks didn’t predict any Oscar wins, but all of its choices did receive nominations. And as the award season gets under way, it appears that the Aaron Sorkin-penned “The Social Network,” director David Fincher and star Jesse Eisenberg are the film, director and actor to beat.

I'm eagerly awaiting the release of The Fighter this week.

Click (here) for the article.

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1 Response to "The Social Network = Movie of the Year"

  1. social network design Said,

    Saw the movie. It is great. Super portrayal of intellectual arrogance, emotional immaturity, IP skullduggery and the moral consciousness of friendship.

    Posted on 12/12/10, 6:39 AM


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