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All I can say is wow.  But then again, this is the channel that made that pregnancy pact (Gloucester) movie earlier this year, so I shouldn't be surprised.  I just saw the trailer for the new Lifetime movie "The Craigslist Killer."  I feel like it's too soon and also in bad taste.  But, that's just me. 

It premieres on January 3rd.  I will not be watching.

Click (here) for the movie website.

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1 Response to "Lifetime Made A Craigslist Killer Movie?"

  1. Mark Pines Said,

    No my friend, it's not just you having a bad taste moment. Since I saw the "Craigslist Killer" trailer early this morning, I have been sick to my stomach all day. Julissa and I were best friends for six years and we were part of each others families. When Julissa's Mom Carmen called me early on April 15, 2009 to tell me she was killed, I was shattered, but even worse than that unthinkable moment was the onslaught of the Press, groping us for their pound of flesh like some surreal George Romero zombies. BUT even worse than that ordeal is the horrible, horrible destructive pretense that this Lifetime movie charade lays out to the Public as a template on how to glorify Killers and sweep their victims under the rug. They are grooming the younguns to view Markoff as a glamorous role model. One of the sound bytes they use while the camera darts between the Megan character and the Philip character is "She thought they were planning the perfect wedding but meanwhile he was planning the perfect murder!" Yeah, it has that turn of the phrase that is required in crass commercialism but it is such a PILE OF HORSESHIT!!! Come on Steven Tolkien, the truth is he was not planning anything close to a murder and what he did "plan" was far from perfect - it was a robbery gone tragically wrong. But I guess that reality just doesn't have the zing Lifetime needs to get timeshare. As for me, my precious memories of Julissa and the times we had have not only been stolen from me, they have been raped and disfigured. Markoff pulled the trigger but Lifetime is rubbing salt in our wounds. If you want to know a little Truth about what happened and see what Julissa's loved ones are feeling, go to my website and watch my song/video "JULISSA'S HANDS" Then go to to see how we are trying to do something constructive to anticipate and prevent future tragedies . . . Mark Pines

    Posted on 12/15/10, 1:13 AM


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