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It's slightly embarrassing to admit, but I still watch a few teen bopper tv shows.  One of them is Smallville - at this point I've invested so many years into it, I have to watch the last season.  The other is Vampire Diaries.  I'm a fan of all things vampire related, except for the stupid twilight ones that twinkle in the sunlight.  That being said, Kat Graham (who stars in Vampire Diaries) is going to be at The Estate this Saturday.

I kind of want to go and meet her.  Besides acting she also sings.  I've heard one of her songs called Sassy, and then another that's a cover of an old Paula Abdul song - Cold Hearted Snake. 

Celebrate New Year's Day with an exclusive VIP Access Saturday, featuring Katerina Graham AKA "Bonnie" on Vampire Diaries. This gorgeous actress is also an accomplished singer, known for her cover of "Cold Hearted Snake" and recording two songs with the Black Eyes Peas. Come check out Kat Graham at The Estate on Saturday, January 1st, 2011.

And to be clear, I don't just watch teeny bopper shows.  I watch grown up ones too ... on occasion.

Click (here) for more information.  Warning, there's music on the website in case you're at work. 

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