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Review: Nicholas Nickleby Part II

11/10/2010 12:01:00 AM
After his review of part I (here), I was actually waiting impatiently for media rep DanDan's review of Nicholas Nickleby Part II.  Here it is:

For those of you who caught my previous review on Nicholas Nickleby Part 1, you likely remember how the fast paced play keeps audience members engaged throughout this adaptation of Dickens' lengthy work using rapid scene changes, props and costume changes ensuring that there is no down time.  Well, having had the opportunity to catch Part 2 last week, I can definitively say that the second installment builds upon the excitement and intrigue of the first, and simply knocks it out of the park.  

After a rapid recap of the events of the first part (which reminded me of those "Previously on 24..." segments), the audience is dropped right back where the previous part left off.  Already having established the characters and their motivations, the second part moves even more quickly as the superb cast finishes the story of Nickleby and his family.  Although the ending was a little sappy for my taste, the acting of both the Nickleby men kept me engaged through the end.  After having watched both parts, I would definitely recommend this production (and I've already been telling all my friends!).

Click (here) to get tickets to the show.

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