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I'm trying to remember the last time I did a book report and I think it was in middle school and it was on the Dean Koontz book "Lightning."  The plot of that book was so confusing that I ended up getting a terrible grade because my report was equally convoluted.  So this time around, I'll spare you the details.

Over the last week, I read Law of Attraction by Allison Leotta - a graduate of Harvard Law School.  It was a quick read - finished it in about 3 reading sessions.  I think my favorite part about it was that it did a very good job of describing the less glamorous side of a lawyer's life as a district attorney.  Made it a more realistic read, which I appreciated.  Plot-wise, I wouldn't say that it was the most gripping of thrillers or anything like that, but it read like an episode of Law and Order and was interesting enough.

I was going to paste the Amazon synopsis here for you, but you guys can read it over there for yourselves if you're interested.  All I'll say is that it's a domestic violence themed murder mystery.  Oh and if you're a Washington DC native, you'll appreciate some of the imagery. 

Click (here) to pick up a copy on Amazon.

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