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NPR Likes Joanne Chang's New Cookbook

11/29/2010 01:09:00 AM
Now there's even more reason to go check out the Joanne Chang book signing that's going on this week - that is if there's still space (here).  NPR released their list of 2010's best cookbooks and Ms. Chang's made the list.

What would it be like if you could get one of your smart college friends to start a cookie business, and then a restaurant, and then work for the best patissiers in the business, and then open her own bakery — or two? What if she then took everything she'd learned at light speed and taught it to you in real time, in a way you could understand? That's what this book is. It's hard to believe that Flour is Joanne Chang's first book, because the level of mastery, precision and experience in it make it feel like the work of someone who's been showing new bakers the light and the way for a very long time.

Methinks I need to get a copy of this book and check it out.  Or perhaps, I just need to swing by Flour and get a sticky bun. 

Click (here) to see the full list.

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1 Response to "NPR Likes Joanne Chang's New Cookbook"

  1. Jaime @ laviejaime Said,

    omg i want a signed one! love Flour- used to work right next to the downtown one..yum yum!

    Posted on 11/29/10, 3:37 PM


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