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Massachusetts fared pretty well in the recent Business Insider report on the top colleges in America.  And I'm proud to see that the top spot was claimed by my old school:  MIT. 

Massachusetts Institute of Technology scored 4.61 out of 5 on Business Insider's rating.
Forbes: #5
US News: #7 for universities
Comments: "MIT is tops because a far higher % of its current students will shape the future of civilization than those at any other US school."

Other schools that made the list included:  BC, Tufts, Wellesley, and Harvard.

Click (here) to see the complete list.

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1 Response to "Business Insider Picks MIT as America's Best College"

  1. James Rose Said,

    Being an owner of a IT Consulting company in Boston, I am glad to hear that MIT is producing well educated workers for tomorrow. I want to keep my technology company up to date on advancements and MIT graduates will help me with that. I am also glad to see BC on the list because they are also Bostonian. Anything about shaping IT Consulting is something I want to hear about! Good article!

    Posted on 11/22/10, 3:59 PM


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