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Review: Nicholas Nickleby Part I

10/26/2010 12:16:00 AM
Bloggery media rep DanDan checked out Nicholas Nickleby Part I this past weekend (here) and had nothing but good things to say.

I swung by the Lyric Stage Company on Clarendon and Stuart yesterday to check out Part I of the Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby. Originally an eight hour play over eight and a half hours, this adaptation takes Dickens' 864 page novel and condenses it into two parts, each three hours long. I was surprised by how well contained the first part was; I was expecting some sort of cliff hanger but I walked away feeling satisfied, even if there were no Part II. That being said, the superb acting, especially that of Jack Cutmore-Scott (who plays Nicholas), has helped bring Dickens' work alive, and I am looking forward to seeing how the story progresses.

The play does an excellent job mixing serious subject matter--death, exploitation, hard labor--with enough levity to avoid overwhelming or depressing the audience. And, despite having over a hundred-fifty characters played by only 24 actors, the play is easy to follow as this production seamlessly incorporates over 1,600 costume pieces to and many scene changes to help guide the viewer through Nickleby's world. The play is remarkably fast paced, with several simultaneous subplots.

I will certainly include a more detailed review after I get the chance to see Part II next week but, for now, I would definitely recommend checking out Part I, if only for the very, very funny modified "production" of Romeo and Juliet alone!

Sounds good to me.

Click (here) to get tickets.

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3 Response to "Review: Nicholas Nickleby Part I"

  1. Suldog Said,

    Thanks for this. MY WIFE and I are season ticket holders at The Lyric - have been for 20-some years - and when we saw this on the schedule, we were somewhat dreading it. Obviously, we wouldn't be season ticket holders if we didn't think The Lyric can present wonderful productions, but to have, basically, some 25% of the season in one production which we would have to devote two evenings to... Well, I'm glad to see such an enthusiastic review. You've alleviated some of my doubts.

    Posted on 10/26/10, 12:35 PM

  2. JayBee Said,

    Had the pleasure to see NN Part 1 on Sunday ... it was excellent. I was a bit dubious when I learned of the runtime, but have to say, it went by at a fast clip, but not so fast as to confuse. The action on stage was well choreographed with good use of the entire theatre, really making you feel like a part of the action. It was fun to anticipate who might appear as yet another character. The seats at the Lyric are very comfortable. All in all a great theatre experience, terrific acting ... can't wait for part 2! (Part 1 held together nicely as an entity, as I suspect Part 2 will.)

    Posted on 10/27/10, 7:52 PM

  3. Unknown Said,

    Don't miss Part II even if you haven't seen part I. The story so far is a great beginning to a great evening's theatre!

    Posted on 11/1/10, 2:45 PM


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