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DJ Steve Aoki @ Royale - 10/28

10/25/2010 12:02:00 AM
There's only a few dj's that I listen to, and they're all trance guys (Tiesto, AVB, etc).  But, I've seen DJ Steve Aoki's name fairly often and since he's going to be here this Thursday (10/28), I decided to pull up Grooveshark and listen to some of his stuff.

Royale is proud to return music tastemaker and celebrity DJ Steve Aoki to his post at the turntables for another round of his high energy and adrenaline fueled sets. One of the most internationally sought after DJs, Aoki’s fine-tuned ear for music paired with his unmatched ability to drop bass-thumping beats has championed dance floors from across the globe. Aoki, whose world notoriety has earned him the top-billing and hottest residencies in Las Vegas and Los Angeles, electrified the Royale dance floor earlier this year with a nightlife experience and performance rarely seen in today’s DJ circuit.

Aoki has remixed some of today’s biggest names including: Drake; Snoop Dogg; Duran Duran; and Timbaland and is the pioneer behind notable indie label, Dim Mak Records.

His stuff is more house than trance, but its still pretty catchy.  And while reading his wikipedia entry I learned that he's related to Devon Aoki (the actress from 2 Fast 2 Furious and War).  Just a little bit of trivia for those that are interested.

Click (here) to for more info.

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